evermore.jpgNow isn’t that one of the prettiest covers ever?

PBW posted it on her blog last week.  This is the cover for her newest Darkyn book.  Which sadly… sob… isn’t out for a while yet.  Night Lost comes out in May and (oh, wonderful news…) she’s signed on for two more Stardoc novels.

I love the Stardoc novels.  Back when the very first one came out, I was reading a Catherine Coulter book and there was an excerpt at the end of the book.  An excerpt.  For a sci fi book.  In the back of a Catherine Coulter romance.

Even if I wasn’t into sci fi, that would have caught my interest.  The excerpt was excellent and I hunted the book down, read it in one sitting and was blown away.  So blown away I even emailed the author.  This was before I was published with EC, even before I had decided to focus a little more seriously on my own writing. 

The book had just amazed the hell out of me.  Not just because of the fantastic storyline.  But the characters were so real.  There was a lot of medical jargon in them and the medical jargon actually made sense.  I’m a nurse and you wouldn’t believe th books out there that have medical stuff written into them that is just so… wrong.  Not believeable.  Not conceivable.  Not doable.

The Stardoc books nailed it on every level.  The books were believable.  The medical issues were believeable.  The characters were believable even when they were so totally outside of normal.  So yes, I emailed the author.  Glowing compliments don’t flow easily from me, but they did this time. I was so flabberghasted when she emailed me back. 

I’ve been hooked since that first book and I grab every book of hers that I can find.  Well, the ones she tells us about.  She also ghostwrites, so sadly there are books out there that are hers and I won’t ever know. 

;o)  Gee…can you tell I love PBW/Lynn Viehl/SL Viehl?

I finally worked up the courage to ask her if she’d done one of the Vamps and Scamps interviews and it’s being posted tomorrow at the VS loop.