New Release…


Lover From Another World wasn’t supposed to release until March 20, but it’s shipping from, & Amazon sooooo…..

FYI, yeah, I know and have Jaid Black listed as one of the authors instead of me.  I’ve emailed them about but we’ll have to see if they get it corrected.

Lover From Another World features three ‘otherworldly’ stories, so to speak, as guessed by the title.  Isn’t that a purdy cover?  I keep telling Jaci that it’s the prettiest but she refused to acknowledge that I’m right.  *G*  But that’s okay, you all can tell it’s the prettiest, right?

My story in LFAW is Voyeur.  This is one of my older ebooks and this is the first time it’s been released in print.  There’s an excerpt below and if you do pick it up, I hope you like.  A word of warning… this is ahhh… hmmm…one of my naughtier stories, and it’s also kind of sad in places.

Kye’s hands were busy on her ass while he nibbled on her neck. Burning candles were scattered about the hotel room, the flickering light turning her pale skin to gold. She wore a silk robe and nothing else.

He was still dressed in a silk shirt she had bought that he rarely wore and a pair of khakis that showed his tight butt to perfection. Ashlyn’s head was reeling from it all—coming home from work to have him stuff an overnight bag into her arms and usher her out to the car before she had even changed out of her scrubs.

Driving to this beautiful hotel nestled on the river and checking into a sumptuous suite. He had drawn her a bubble bath, she remembered, as his mouth closed over the hot point of her nipple. Urged her into it and washed her back, her hair, everything, in a gentle soothing manner that had aroused, and comforted at the same time.

And then he had left her alone, with a quiet order to relax. He’d left the robe in a gift-wrapped box. She had pulled the fine, rich silk over her soft, scented body while a goofy smile curved her mouth.

Her body looked quite luscious, she had thought as she smoothed the silk over her nipples, her gently rounded belly and curvy hips. She teetered between a size twelve and fourteen and took it as a matter of fact that she was, and would always be, a twelve something. With her broad shoulders and hips, she’d probably look anorexic in a size eight anyway.

Now, he tugged open the robe, sliding one hand down the length of her body to uncover her, but he left the silk on her shoulders. “Close your eyes,” he ordered, sliding one thigh between hers, lowering his head to nibble on her shoulder.

Her lids drifted closed and her head fell back as he stroked and caressed, rubbing his cock against her belly. Of an equal height, Ashlyn and Kye were eye-to-eye, mouth-to-mouth when they stood facing each other. Right now, his mouth was cruising its way down her chest to lock onto her nipple with gentle teeth, as she arched her back over his arm. A sigh shivered out of her and she rubbed her hips insistently against his.

“Kye, please,” she whispered, reaching for his trousers only to have hands close over her wrists. Big hands. Unfamiliar hands. Her eyes flew open and she stared into Kye’s gaze while a big body pressed against her back.

Lowering his head, Kye whispered, “I know him, have for more than half my life. But you don’t. And you won’t ever have to see him again.”

“No,” she whispered as those big hands glided up and cupped her breasts, dragging the silk over the nipples, plumping them together, tweaking the hard points. A hard, long cock pressed against her spine and she caught a glimpse of a golden head swooping down to bite her along the side of her neck.

Kye grinned at her, hot and wicked. “No?” he repeated, sliding one hand down, into her wet, hot pussy. “Your little kitty just got wetter, Ash. Really want me to make him leave?” As he asked, his fingers left her dripping passage and both hands gripped her hips, urging her to turn around and face the man who had been fondling her breasts.

Her eyes stayed stubbornly straight ahead, which had her looking at his chest. It was covered by a nubby Aran sweater in some dark color. The candlelight made it hard to tell, but it was probably navy. That chest stretched the fine wool and rose up and down as he breathed.

One of those big hands came up to cup her face as he dipped his head and covered her mouth with his. Behind her Kye cuddled his cock against her silk covered backside, his hands stroking along her sides and hips as he nuzzled her neck.

The stranger—an anonymous stranger she didn’t ever have to see again—seduced her mouth, nipping at her lip, gliding his tongue in to taste her, leaving before she could make up her mind to turn her head or kiss him back.

And he knew how to kiss. Between the two men—her husband and this stranger—her knees buckled and she started to slide, only to have those big hands catch her under the arms, one thigh going between hers to brace her weight with his. Behind her, Kye continued to rock his cock against her butt.

“Am I staying or going?” the stranger asked, his voice deep, rough, with a lyrical accent. Irish. Oh, damn. He was Irish.