Be Back on Monday

The bratlet turned eight yesterday and come 7pm on Saturday, you will all hear me screaming.  Even those outside the US.  Because she is having a slumber party… heaven help me…there will be between 6-10 eight year old girls in my house.  And a five year old monster boy that is the biggest flirt known to man.  And a baby.

I think the DH has this weird idea he can sneak out of the house and leave me to deal with this.  Uh…. NOT. 

In order to prepare for my impending mental breakdown, I’ll probably be scarce tomorrow.  And I don’t think the funny farm will let me online Sunday…if I make it thru Saturday.

So there probably won’t be any posts this weekend.  If you haven’t checked out the most recent contest, go here for details.  No, I haven’t drawn the BOMC winner for February…I’ll try to do that monday when I get back online and I’ll announce March’s contest then, too.  Promise.

Say a prayer for my sanity!