Lazy Blog Day

I have a sick bratlet so I may be in and out for a few days. 

Had an idea hit me yesterday, driving by a gas station.  Not sure where the idea came from, other than I think I was thinking about the Valentine my SEVEN YEAR OLD DAUGHTER got from a BOY.  And not one of those generic ones, either, but a real honest to goodness Hallmark card.  Then the next day, he drew her a picture.

 Anyway, idea struck and I tried to jot notes and drive, never a good idea.  By the time I got to the mall, it was a full blown potential plot, so I may work on it a little later, although I want to finish Beautiful before I do much else.  And I have to get work done on Veil.

In the middle of dealing with sick bratlet and maybe writing, I’m reading You Belong to Me by Patricia Sargeant.  I mentioned this one a week or so ago after I bought it at the signing in Cincy.  Also have Blue Smoke by Nora Roberts which I haven’t read yet.  Don’t know why I haven’t read it yet, cuz I love her books.  It even still had the receipt tucked inside it. 

For the erotic romance readers out there, Dangerous Games by Lora Leigh hit the extended list on the New York Times.  Congrats, Lora!  In another month or two, I’ll tell you all about Tanner’s Scheme which I got to read last fall.  ;o)  Although I think I need to hit her up for another SEAL book.  I know she’s got one I haven’t read yet.