I have BOOKS….

I sort of forgot to mention it… but I had a signing in Cincy Saturday.  Along with a bunch of great authors.  Lori Foster, JC Wilder, Toni Blake, Luann McLane, Patricia Sargeant, Ann Christopher, Kay Stockholm, Heather Grothaus, Laura Resnick…. and the list goes on.

I was sitting next to Patricia Sargeant (who has an awesome new cover she was showing everybody) and Kay Stockholm…(who has two of the most beautiful kids).  I had the baby bratlet with me, along with three friends from the vamps and scamps list who offered to babysit since the lady who normally would have come couldn’t.  Of course, the baby bratlet was more interested in Patricia’s red sweater than anything else.  

Thanks to the friends that kept her entertained, I managed to grab a couple of books.  Not as many as I’d like but still.

What did I get?


Lori Foster’s Causing Havoc

Patricia Sargeant’s You Belong to Me

Ann Christopher’s Trouble (okay, I really like this title and not just because I enjoy trouble)

Laura Resnick’s The White Dragon (FANTASY!!! YEAH!!!)   BTW, Patricia told me I had to read this book.  If I get hooked on another series, it’s her fault.  Laura Resnick also has a Luna book on her site that looks interestin…

And I also picked up a couple of Tara Janzen’s Crazy books.  No, she wasn’t there (I wish!) but since I finished Crazy Hot, I had to get a few more.  They didn’t have Crazy Cool, so if I can’t find that at Waldens tomorrow, I’m reading out of order.  I’m not waiting to read Kid’s story.

Now I just have to figure out where to start….   :O|