Blood Bound By Patricia Briggs *BOMC*

Continuing on with my current urban fantasy kick, this month’s book is Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs.

 The rules for the BOMC contest are here but the short and sweet version, anybody blood-bound.jpgwho joins in the discussion for Blood Bound will be eligible to win a prize, either an unsigned copy of this book or one of mine.  We’ll settle on the prize when I draw the winner.  FYI… you HAVE to check back to see if you win or not.  I can’t keep track of all the contests I do, so if you want your prize, check back, email me, otherwise… no prize.

Blood Bound is the second book in the series.  The first one, Moon Called, was phenomenal and the second one is every bit as good.  I have to admit, I like Stefan. I really like Stefan.  I got a vamp thing, so what?  ;o)  But I also like Adam and I like Sam.  Mercy hasn’t gotten nekkid with any of the guys in the series, and that’s a real plus.  I’m not much for books, romance, fantasy or otherwise, where the heroine is bedhopping between 2, 3, 5, 10…. guys. 

Mercy is a fun heroine.  She isn’t convinced that she’s all powerful and can handle everything and nobody knows more than she does.  She admits she’s a weaker magical creature than most and she seems to know her limits.  That doesn’t stop her from trying to help out when she sees something wrong.

She doesn’t let fear control her, but she also doesn’t let arrogance control her either.

If you like urban fantasy or paranormal, give this a shot.  Even if you don’t generally read much outside of romance, if you like vamps and weres, you might just like this.

I’ll draw a winner for this month’s BOMC sometime in February.