Thirteen research books on my shelves


Time for the Thursday Thirteen!


Thirteen Research Books You’ll Find onShiloh’s Bookshelf

1…. Forensics for Dummies

2…. A Pictorial History of the American Indian an old book

3…. People and Nations an old textbook but handy

4….The Handy History Answer Book

5….The CIG to American History

6….The Vampire Book: Encyclopedia of the Undead

7….The Ultimate Encyclopedia of Mythology


9….Oxford English Dictionary

10. Nurse’s Pocket Companion This is left over from my nursing home days and seriously out of date, but I generally just use it for generic things like anatomy and such.

11.CIG to Writing Erotic Romance excellent information in here… AND my name is in it… ;o)

12. The Complete Grimm’s Fairy Tales i love fairy tales

13. Canterbury Tales: Middle English Version don’t ask…

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