Thirteen little pick me ups

Thursday Thirteen


for when I’ve got the blahs… 

1.  manicures… when I can find the time

2.  using a cleaning lady. and actually, even though i should feel lazy that i don’t want to clean my house, this is technically a good thing.  i have asthma and the cleaning products, even mild ones, aggravate me when i use them.

3.  a long, hot bubblebath, complete with a glass of wine and a book

4.  curling up in my chair with a quilt a friend made for me and the fireplace on.

5.  laying in bed with a good book

6.  ice cream from the cold stone creamery place

7.  the DH and I going to our favorite Italian restuarant…without the kids

8.   watching a movie at the theatre with my oldest daughter

9.   going over to my mom’s house for chili in the winter

10. an unexpected back massage from the DH.  He’s got goooood hands.

11.  Rereading an old fave

12. finding a new fave

13. listening to music… LOUD…while I’m alone in the car 

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