Ten things you can’t prepare for.

1.  Getting married. 

2. Having a baby, and not just because of the pregnancy and labor part.

3. Sending your first child off to school that very first day.

4. Seeing said first child walking down the hall holding her ‘boyfriend”s hand.  Of course, once you get over the shock of it, getting down to the teasing her part can be fun.

5. Receiving that first, real contract.  The one where people actually think somebody will buy your book and they offer you a chance to publish your book.

6. Seeing your first book, in print, on a shelf in a bookstore.  WHERE OTHERS CAN BUY IT!

7.  Losing a child.

8. Having a friend stab you in the back.

9. Finding that one, superspecial friend who understands your every mood, tolerates every mood, and loves you anyway.

10.  Winning the lottery.  OKay, I don’t actually know this one for a fact, but I figure a million dollars is going to change your life SOMEHOW.