A blog plan

overworked.jpgI’ve decided that I need a blog plan.  Some sort of outline to help me figure out what I’m blogging and when.

This practice of some sort of organized writing on a regular basis, other than my books, is a good idea.  I think.  God above knows I need more discipline when it comes to writing.  Some I’m developing a blog plan.

Right now, it’s the bare minimum.

Mondays I will blog about books.  Either a book I’ve read or want to read (suggestions are always welcome…helps weed out the ones I’m not sure one or bump up the ones I forgot I have in the TBR pile)

Thursdays will be the Thursday Thirteen.  I like these.  I don’t know if I’ll do any other memes, because that will be too close to cheating.  But I’m going to stick with the Thursday Thirteen.

I’m probably going to throw in a movie thing, since I loved my movies but I’ll figure that part out later.  Hey, I’ve got 2 out of seven days booked… that’s good for me.  Okay, technically, I’ve planned 3 out of 7, because I doubt I’ll blog on Sundays.