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Shiloh Walker

Open Door… been a while…

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Quick reminder… EC has slashed prices on more than 150 titles at places like BN’s Nook store, the Kindle store and ARe.  If you’ve wanted to check out some of my EC titles, now is a good time.  There’s a link to Hunters Declan and Tori on my sidebar…it’s the featured read for the next few weeks.

I recently registered for the Moonlight and Magnolias conference in Decatur, Ga. I believe there is a booksigning…so I may be signing there in September.

I have copyedits.  Massive.  Not any rewrites, just line edits, typos, etc. I think it’s been probably well over a year since I’ve done any paper edits.  I think.  It’s weird.  One of my traditional pubs has switched to digital so having the pile of paper on my desk is weird.  I also have edits on Locked in Silence I need to get done.  They always hit in multiples, I swear.

It’s been a while since I had time to answer many Q’s.  But I’m not required to wear that other hat this week.  So, if anybody has any Qs…fire away…

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Open Door

Just a reminder… I’m out of town still, but just to fill the page… *G*

Open door.

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So… anybody got any questions? Series stuff?  Previous books?  Writing stuff? Although I suck royally at that sort of thing.  I can’t promise I’ll get in there to answer today, but I’ll check in and answer as I can later, and if the questions are the sort that might make me think, I may use them for blog post fodder, just so ya know.

Open Door

Wrote this ahead of time knowing, I’d be out of town, although by the time it posts, I’ll be home and buried under heaps of laundry.

Anyway,I’m skipping a for real blog post and doing an open door…

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Got any questions for me?  Publishing stuff, although I’m no where near the whiz some people are.  Series, story, whatever?

Fire away.  Just remember, if it’s a question that might make good blog post fodder, I reserve the right to use it as such.  Otherwise, I’ll pop back in through the day (if I don’t suffocate in laundry) and answer any questions you might have.

But no, I don’t know things like the meaning of life, other than living, why the sky is blue or anything like that…I barely remembered what was for supper…

Open Door…

Brain. Tired.  Last week was crazy week-finished up taxes-shudder.  Don’t ask.  Taxes for a writer are almost always scary…we’re self employed, which means we pay.  And this year, I’m paying in blood and gold.  o-O.  Well, almost.  But it’ll be okay.

Finished up an erotic paranormal romance-she’s a psychic, he doesn’t quite buy into it, but they are crazy about each other.  It’s going to Ellora’s Cave.  Also finished up book 3 in the Grimm series for Samhain.  Right now, the title is Crazed Hearts and it’s Ren’s story.  So…. anybody guessed who Ren is, or have any ideas?

This next week, I plan on focusing more on the next book in my romantic suspense trilogy for Ballantine, getting the first three chapters together and polished for my editor so she can see them before I start focusing on the rest of the book.  And there’s this strange contemporary I’m working on-I might finish that and submit it to Carina Press, see if they want it, dunno yet.

Needless to say, my brain is shot, and it’s tired.

So instead of thinking of something fabulously interesting to post about…I’ll ramble (which I did) and then do an open door (which I’m doing now).

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With an open door post, I just leave the door open for people to ask questions-simple things, I’ll answer in comments off and on through out the day, but it’s possible I may reply in a separate blog post…always need stuff for blog ideas.

Open Door

So I’m running behind and I’m feeling lazy. We’ll just do an open door…. anybody got any questions?  (Remember, it’s possible I may reply in a separate blog post…always need stuff for blog ideas)

🙂 And for those who like online time wasters (of the fun and weirdly addictive variety), go make a snowflake.

Open Door

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Slammed with edits.  Also had an idea for a story, and working on the current WIP…going to be lazy.  Doing an open door.  Anybody got any questions??