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And I think J.C. has one for you, too…

Also!  If you like my suspense stuff and haven’t read CHAINS?  You might wanna check it out.  It’s normally $10 & higher, but it’s on sale now for less than $5 in ebook.


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Friday 56

Eli and Sarel 2011So, who is all at RT this week and which of you are living vicariously through the tweets and Facebook posts? I fall into the latter category. I love New Orleans and I hate that I’m missing out on so much fun and a wonderful city.  But, don’t fret if you’re like me and had to stay home; we can still have fun, right?  We’ve made it to Friday…and it’s time for some Friday 56.  Grab your closest book and flip to page 56 and give me the 5th full sentence.   This week, I’m going to go back a bit and I have one of Shiloh’s older novels, The Hunters: Eli and Sarel, and it’s a steamy one ;)!


Lifting his head, he asked, “No panties, darling?”


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Since we’re seeing the covers from my old Hunters (Samhain) might as well post snippets, right?

Here’s one from Hunter’s Edge

Hunter's Edge

Hunter’s Edge

How fricking classic—a vampire sleeping the day away in a cemetery.

If he’d had much choice, he would have tried to find someplace else, but choices were limited. The trucker had left him just outside Greenburg a little before dawn and with the clock ticking, Kel went for the first secure place that he came across.

Instinct drove him to get closer to Angel, but he hadn’t known where to look. As dawn crept closer, he had to focus on finding someplace dark and solitary. The private mausoleums in the old Greenburg Cemetery definitely fit that description.

He’d banked on being able to get into one of the older ones that didn’t get visits often and he’d been right. The one he’d selected had none of the stained glass windows and a recessed doorway.

Inside, with the door closed, it had been as dark as a tomb, just the thinnest sliver of pre-dawn light visible under the door itself.

As sweet, safe darkness wrapped around him, it took everything he had just to stumble away from the door and get one of the freestanding vaults inside the crypt between him and the door as an extra precaution.

Kel didn’t even remember getting horizontal. As enraged and scared and worried as he was, he’d thought sleep would elude him but it didn’t, hitting him hard and fast.

Normally Kel only needed four or five hours of sleep, but by the time he came awake a little before dusk, he’d been out for probably twelve hours.

The setting sun had kept him prisoner within the small crypt for a while longer. He shrugged out of his jacket long enough to pull on a T-shirt that he’d “borrowed” from the trucker earlier. Killed a bit of time pacing endlessly up and down the stone floor.

Finally the sun set. His body recognized the moment it was safe. He slipped out of the musty, confining crypt with the sure and certain knowledge that he was glad his body wasn’t going to end up in some quiet, private resting place for all eternity. When he did die, he’d be burned and that suited him just fine.

Outside in the cool night air, he lifted his head and breathed in, letting the air wash over and through him, sweeping away the stink of decay.

The sound of a truck moving over the road had him retreating and swearing. It wasn’t that late yet, probably only around seven, and he sure as hell didn’t need anybody seeing him here. Greenburg was a small town and Kel knew for a fact his face hadn’t changed a bit since he’d lived here.

He slipped into the tree line, his mind focused on finding Angel. But something, he couldn’t even explain what, stopped him. Physically stopped him. He couldn’t take another step away and everything inside him urged him to turn around. Unable to deny it, he turned and his eyes sought out the truck creeping along one of the cemetery paths.

It was a beat-up old Ford and even with his eyesight, he couldn’t quite see through the windows. But he knew.

Somewhere inside him, without even seeing her, he knew. He slipped forward, just where the trees gave way to grass and there, he crouched, one hand resting on the trunk of the tree, the other clutching the ring at his neck.

Hiding in the shadows, he watched, spellbound, as the truck came to a stop and the door opened. There was a fist wrapped around his throat, around his heart, and it wasn’t going to ease up anytime soon.

It was her.


Tears stung his eyes but he couldn’t move to wipe them away so they just fell down his cheeks unchecked. Angel…

She slid out of the truck and moved through the maze of headstones and aboveground crypts. She came to a halt in front of one… Close, so close. He could smell her now. The cool breeze brought the scent of her to him and he closed his eyes, lost himself inside it.

Her hair was shorter than he’d ever seen it, the ends just barely brushing her shoulders. The silky blonde curls gleamed silver in the moonlight, blowing in the breeze. A stray strand blew into her eyes and she reached up to brush it back.

Even though she was a good thirty feet away, when she spoke, he heard the words as clearly as if she murmured them into his ear. “But for how much longer?” Her voice was soft, sad…despondent. Oblivious to his presence, she reached inside her pocket and pulled something out.

His ears heard a faint rattle, but he couldn’t see what she held. Whatever it was, it caused a look of bitter anger to cross her features. She tucked it back into her pocket and then crouched by the grave.

His heart didn’t beat often, but it did still beat. But when he heard her next words, he thought it might just stop altogether—stop, crack and then wither up and blow away just like so much dust.

“I’m a mess, Kel, you know that? I’ve been like this ever since you left, but it’s getting bad again. I don’t even know who I am right now.”

Kel…shit. Yeah, he knew logically his parents would have had some sort of funeral, however it was done without a body. Logically, he knew he probably had a headstone or something out there somewhere with his name on it.

But logically knowing that couldn’t have prepared him for the sight of his woman kneeling by the side of his grave. She shifted and sat down, pulled her legs to her chest. The grief on her face made a knot form in his throat.

“I miss you. That’s one thing I do know. But it seems like the only thing. I ought to be able to make a bit more sense of my life than that.”

He clenched his jaw shut to keep from speaking out loud, but he couldn’t keep himself from answering her silently. Dear God, baby. I miss you too.

The wind picked up and he watched, helpless, as she started to shiver. He wanted to go to her, wrap his arms around her and offer her some warmth. But how could a vampire offer her warmth? He had to steal it when he wanted it for himself, through blood or sex.

“Twelve years, baby.”

Twelve miserable years.

What would have happened if that night hadn’t ever come to pass? He would have married her, he could have spent the past twelve years sleeping next to her at night, rising to make love to her before they left the house to go out and do whatever in the hell normal people did…in the daylight.

Her voice, harsh and broken, came again. “This isn’t fair.”

The sound of the tears thickening her voice had his hand tightening and he didn’t realize he’d torn the bark from the tree.

Shit, this was killing him. He’d been bleeding and dying inside bit by bit over the past twelve years. Now, face-to-face with her, he saw that she was suffering just as he was.

“I’m so tired of it.”

As she started to lay back onto the grass, Kel shoved to his feet. Fuck, he couldn’t sit there and watch as she lay down to cry over an empty grave. Couldn’t—


You can read more here & check out the other Hunter covers.

You can see the rest of the new covers, or get them at a SERIOUSLY discounted price over at Samhain, too. :)
Please note, these are reissues, not new releases, but if you haven’t read them, now is a great time to get them with shiny new covers and cheaper prices. :)

Pretteh, Pretteh…

I’ve got new covers for some of my Samhain Hunter books.  FYI, these are old releases.  Nothing new has been added, save for the awesome covers.  These can all be read as standalones, as they are were written as either prequels or to stand on their own.

For more info on the books, go here

  • Huntress
  • Malachi
  • Hunters & Heroes (Print)
    Hunters & Heroes (Print)
  • Hunter's Pride
    Hunter’s Pride
  • Hunter's Edge
    Hunter’s Edge

The Hunters Books 1 & 2…now back in print

UTA: Due to matters outside of my control, the print date for The Hunters 1 & 2 has been pushed back a few weeks.  I’m sorry.

:) Some people are just finding these books and wanted to be able to read them in print, so I’m giving it a shot.

The first two are available in print.  So far, it’s just showing up on Amazon, but it will be available through other retailers.  It can be ordered, but it won’t likely be stocked in stores so if you want it, make note of the ISBN and have them order it in.


ISBN-10: 0615827691
ISBN-13: 978-0615827698

Hunters: Declan & Tori

Book 1

Tori McAdams was a sensible woman. She didn’t believe in hocus-pocus, she didn’t believe in ghosts, and she definitely didn’t believe in vampires…not until the night she was attacked by one. Alone, starving and afraid, she doesn’t know what’s happening but at least she had somebody to turn to…

Declan Reilly was normally the last person she’d go to for help, but now he was the first on her list. He can help; she knows he can. She never could have planned on what happens next, though…the sexy detective is so much more than he appears.

Warning: This book contains violence, sex, more violent, a maniacal murderer, sex, more violence, and a menage or two thrown in for good measure.

**Please note this work has been previously published. While it’s been edited, no new material has been added.

Hunters: Eli and Sarel

Book 2

Three centuries is a long time to spend alone…but Elijah Crawford is used to it. He’s got his friends, he’s got thugs to kill, and a mild obsession with an on-and-off again lover to keep him occupied.

But then a woman appears in his dark world, one who just might bring some light to those endless nights. Just one look makes him hunger. Just one glimpse makes him burn.

There’s just one complication. She wants him dead.

Sarel Chandler knows all about vampires and she knows all about monsters–or so she thinks. The monster she knows as Elijah Crawford is responsible for the death of her sister and she’s going to see that he pays for it.

There’s just one complication…she’s completely wrong…and she’s about to pay for it in so many ways.

Warning: This book contains a pissed-off witch, a sexy Master vampire, some serious ménage action and lots of one-on-one time…of the up-close-and-personal variety. And I do mean lots…

**Please note this work has been previously published. While it’s been edited, no new material has been added.



You can buy the box set in ebook.  :)

Amazon | Kobo | ARe

Still waiting for it to show on all platforms, but it should be there sooner or later.


Look what’s coming back out in print…


It’s been a couple of years, I think, since they were available.

We kept the price as low as we could, two books for $12.99.



The other Hunter books will follow, but I don’t know when.  For now, it’s available for pre-order on Amazon, not sure if we are going to be able to get it for pre-order elsewhere… something we’re working on.  More info here

FYI, I’ve had people ask if I’m going to reconsider pursuing the series…no.  I’m not. Sales had slumped off and unless some sort of absolute miracle happened, it’s not feasible on my end.  I’m sorry. I hope you understand.


Hunter’s Rise is on sale for $1.99

Heya… I just saw this on twitter, wanted to share.

HUNTER’S RISE is on sale (ebook!) for $1.99…

Amazon | B&N | Kobo | iBookstore

Hunters Rise (2)


“You still want to go for a run, Toronto?”

He couldn’t speak.  For the life of him, he couldn’t say a damn word.

So instead, he gathered that dark, silky hair in one hand and slanted his mouth over hers.  As she met his kiss, he wrapped his free arm around her waist and hauled her against him.  Naked, her skin still warm from the bath, she fit him perfectly, those amazing curves aligning next to his body like she’d been made for him.

He growled against her lips as she rocked against him.

“I thought you said no grabby hands,” he muttered against her mouth.

“I wasn’t being completely honest…I planned to do plenty of grabbing.  I just wanted to do it my way.”  She pulled back a fraction, staring into his eyes, clear challenge written on her face.  “Is that a problem?

She was in his arms, naked.  “Hell, no.”

“Good.”  A pleased smile curled her lips as she stroked her hands along his waist, then dipped them under his shirt, pushing it up as she went until she could strip it away completely.

As it fell to the floor by the other one, she eased back, staring into his eyes for a long moment before lowering her gaze.  Toronto held still as she lifted her hands and curved them over his shoulders, stroking down, her fingers learning the planes and ridges of his body.  When she reached the small ring percing his left nipple, she paused. Lifting a brow, she touched it, tugging it lightly.  “Silver, Toronto?”

He shrugged.  “I got bored one night.”

“So you pierced yourself with silver.  You trying to poison yourself?”  She continued to toy with it, her skeptical gaze lingering on his face.

“I’m too strong for that little bit of silver to poison me.” He grinned at her, trying not to react while she played with the ring.  It shouldn’t feel that damn good, he knew it.  But while he was too strong for that bit of silver to poison him, that bit of silver piercing his flesh did make him damn sensitive there and it was almost painfully erotic to have her tugging on it like that.

“So you did this because you were bored?”  A wicked grin curved her lips.  “You get bored a lot?  What else did you pierce?”

Her gaze dropped low and a visceral, blistering punch of heat raced through him even as he instinctively winced.  “Not there, sweetheart.”  Although if it felt like that when she toyed with it?


About the Hunters

The series was canceled by the publisher early this year, as previously mentioned on the blog. I’m still getting a lot of emails asking about continuing the series, why I’m not pursuing self-publishing, why I’m not trying to continue with it…etc…

Sooooo…there are a number of reasons.  Time, money, the drop in sales, etc.

  1. The drop in sales…While writing is definitely what you can call a labor of love, just laboring on something isn’t going to help me meet my obligations as a person…as a mom with kids, as a wife, a partner in a marriage, etc.  We’ve got bills.  Loving to write and putting out words doesn’t meet those obligations.  Spending time on a series that isn’t paying out very well is taking away time from the books that are helping me to meet my obligations.  I realize boiling it down to the numbers isn’t anything readers want to hear, but it is something I have to consider. Something that really sucks is how many thousands of pirated copies of the Hunters books I’ve had to fight to get off the net…maybe if even 10% more of those who had pirated had just bought the damn books instead, I might consider investing the time in trying to pursue it, but I’ve seen the numbers on my end and I just don’t know it’s the wisest biz decision.
  2. Money… Yes, that word again, but not for the same reasons.  Self-publishing is expensive. Contrary to what some people make it out to be, you don’t just slap a book together and throw it up on Kindle/Nook.  I invested close to $1000 upfront for formatting, editing, covers, distribution and promo on Blade Song and the sequel cost more, because the editorial work on Blade Song (typos, etc) wasn’t as good as it could have been, so I invested in a better line editor for book 2.  This series is going very well, though, and it’s worth it, on my end, because I’ve seen that investment pay off.  I will be honest…if I hadn’t seen a return on that investment, and a profit, I wouldn’t have gone forward with book two.  I can’t spend money and time on something that isn’t going to work out, business wise.  And it all comes back to that, in the end. I love writing.  I want to do this for the rest of my life.  Which means, I have to make wise business decisions…if I’m spending time and money on things that aren’t working out for me, (that means…making a profit)…then I can’t keep writing, I have to go back to nursing and there are no more books. Considering the drop in sales with the Hunter series, I question whether it would be a wise decision to pursue self-publishing it, especially with the upfront cost.  Plus…I can’t afford it at this point.
  3. Time… This is a doozy.  There are 24 hours in a day and nothing we do or say will change that fact.  I can only write for so many hours in a day and a certain amount of that time has to be focused on contracted projects.  Those projects come with deadlines and I have to keep my deadlines.  I love my editors and I want them to be happy with me and I also have readers who kind of want those other projects done, too.  Basically, I do have other commitments and I can only do so much.  At some point, something has to give. I can’t chase after every option that might be out there to try and keep that series alive, especially when it’s been in a slump.  It just never caught the interest it needed to stay alive for the long haul.

At some point, everything has to end.  Hunter’s Rise was a solid book and Toronto was one character I definitely wanted to get to.  I had that chance.

Does this mean I’ll absolutely never write another Hunter book? I don’t believe in saying never.  But it would take a pretty impressive thing to get me to consider it, and I’d have to have more time on the table first. Who knows…maybe paranormal will swing back around again and the sales will spike.  If there’s enough reader interest in it, I can look at it later down the road, but at this point?  I just can’t.


Dear people who keep hunting for “free download of the HUNTERS”

**UTA: this post is in no way directed at those who’ve helped support my books by… ya know… obtaining them legally. Libraries, buying them, trading thru used bookstores, all of that is actually legit and legally and it didn’t add to the death of the series. Pirates, though? Please… read on.

Gee… did you land on this page because you were looking for FREE DOWNLOADS OF THE HUNTER BOOKS?

Did you know the series was cancelled? Want to know why?


Those FREE downloads you keep looking for? They weren’t free. They cost me a series, they cost me money…and they also cost you future books.

No love,


courtesy of Mandy M Roth