Excerpt from THE DEPARTED

Kindle  due out in January… For so many years, cold had been a part of Dez’s life. The departed felt cold. The long empty nights she spent following leads were often cold. She went home to a cold, empty bed and she awoke to a cold, empty house. She was more used to cold than […]

Hunter’s Fall…Random Snippets

Kindle    “Well, that was fun,” Sheila said, her face pink and her eyes gleaming at him despite the bruising around her left eye. Normally, Dominic would have stared at her and laughed. She was black-and-blue, and that was her idea of fun? But just then, he heard another whisper. It’s long past time that […]

Hunter’s Fall…Random Snippets

Kindle    You’re too pretty, she’d told him. Dark, velvety brown eyes. Long-fingered hands . . . almost elegant. Her heart skipped a beat as her imagination kicked into overdrive. He was touching her and she was helpless as he lifted a hand to cup her cheek, angling her head back. Tears burned her eyes. Just before he […]

Random Snippets…Hunter’s Fall

Kindle  Because she knew she’d come too close to death, Nessa didn’t leave the school the minute she had the strength to climb out of her bed. She should have felt at home here. After all, she’d taught in this school for many, many years . . . back in that other life. That other life. She smiled […]

Random snippets…Hunter’s Fall

Kindle  Tucked inside a warm, soft bed, Nessa rolled onto her side and clutched a pillow to her chest. She was back at Excelsior. She’d been at the school for three days—something she hadn’t had much choice in. During the fight in Chicago, she’d collapsed. If it wasn’t for Malachi, she would have died there. […]

Hunter’s Fall…Random Snippets

Kindle  That big bully of a vampire worried too much, Nessa mused. “You should have just jumped,” Morgan whispered, her voice faint, but malicious. “Then you wouldn’t have to worry about him anymore.” “Shut up, bitch,” Nessa muttered, swallowing the knot in her throat. She might despise this life, might despise the God who’d trapped […]

Hunter’s Fall…Random Snippets

Kindle  “You can be such a bore sometimes, Mal.” She blew out a breath. “How does your wife even tolerate it?” Malachi’s face twisted in a snarl. “She’s too busy trying to keep you alive to worry about me being boring.” Hell, he and his beloved spent so much time worrying about Nessa that they […]

Hunter’s Fall…Random Snippets

Kindle  Be warned…Nessa’s going a little bit insane. Chicago One Year Later So high up. What were people thinking, making something reach so high into the sky? Nessa peered down at the earth far below, so far that the people down there didn’t really look like people. More like little bugs scurrying back and forth. […]

A Forever Kind of Love…releases today

Now available… You can always come home. Second chances come a little harder. Chase and Zoe were the high school golden couple. Football captain, cheerleader, prom royalty. After graduation, though, Chase couldn’t resist the urge to experience life outside their small town. He didn’t exactly expect Zoe to wait twelve years for him, but now […]