Ways to be a pain for pirates

If you’ve seen my posts about places like iOffer, then you know I firmly believe authors can make a difference if they’ll stay on top and keep fighting with piracy.  Is it easy?  Nope.  Is it fun?  Nope.  Are the results immediate?  Nope. But ignoring it doesn’t make it go away either.  Leaving it in […]

Lets talk Master Resale Rights… (repost)

Yes…you’ve seen this before. I plan on posting once a month, perhaps. Or at least until asinine sites like ebay & ioffer stop letting people abuse copyright owners’ rights. BTW, this stuff also applies to writers who aren’t me. For modern works, after 1978 and somebody is claiming to have ‘master resale rights’ or ”I’m […]

Maybe a parallel… of sorts. Maybe

Most people would agree that medical insurance any more is a mess. Deductibles are sky high, co-pays are outrageous, anybody with ‘pre existing’ problems has MAJOR problems. It is, plain and simply, a mess. Some of those in the medical profession saw this coming.  I’ve only been a nurse since 1996 and I was young(er), […]

Let's talk 'master resale rights' and ebooks

Okay, I’m hoping some people out there researching ‘master resell rights’ stumble onto this page.  Or I hope some of the people mistakenly claiming to be ‘authorized ebook resellers’ find this page. Because I’ve got news for you. You can’t buy the resale rights to my work…unless you go through me, and I can’t sell […]

Don't like being called a thief…

Pirates don’t like being called thieves.  Heh.  Here’s a helpful solution, then.  Don’t steal. Yasmine Galenorn posted about David Hewson’s post on digital piracy and I love it,  particularly this: I’m not convinced. Does a shoplifter who discovers they’ve stolen something they like go back and pay for it next time? Not usually. They just […]

France cracks down on piracy

According to this article in the New York Times, France has a new law. It’s a three-strikes sort of law.  Three strikes and you may lose your internet access for up to a year. The law creates a new agency that will send out warning letters to people accused of copying music, movies or other […]