Friday 56

It’s finally FRIDAY!! So not only does that mean it’s the start of the weekend, but also for another Friday 56.  Haven’t done one before? It’s simple.  Grab the closest (doesn’t have to be what you’re reading, just whatever happens to be closest to you at the time) book.  Turn to page 56, find the […]

let's do it again…Magic Bleeds

contest is closed… winners to be posted next week. Because apparently, even though my blog isn’t located on my website, Ilona can’t resist trying to crash my server, she has offered me more copies of MAGIC BLEEDS. Atlanta would be a nice place to live, if it weren’t for the magic. When the magic is […]

Books I’d Read to Pieces… (or have) (or will)

Kindle(This was my first NR book.  One of my first romances.  Happy sigh…) Honest Illusions * (Yes, I know it’s not out yet…and technically, I can’t read a .doc file to pieces, but…um…well, I think I’m killing my Sony Reader) Magic Bleeds * (My ARC already has reading creases) Dreamveil * (I need another copy.  […]

Dreamveil… whoa

Whoa. Lynn Viehl has got to be the queen of weird and awesome. Started and finished this in one sitting and I’ll have to read it again, but whoa. (got an ARC, not due out until May, LOVED it)

The Friday 56

Kindle The Book:  MIND GAMES BY CAROLYN CRANE page 56, 5th sentence. “Ah, please, forgive me for interfering with your diabolical restaurant supply order.” Heh. The Friday 56 idea came from… This is What I Have to Say The Rules: Grab the book nearest you. Right now. Turn to page 56. Find the fifth sentence. […]

Go. Get. Read.

I’m not generally a fan of historicals.  Some I like.  But not many. However, I saw this one mentioned somewhere and I had the pleasure of meeting Meredith at Nationals and so when I saw it on one of browsing trips, I decided to buy it. It sat on my TBR stack for a while, […]

Books, Shiny, Shiny Books…

Stayed up way too late Thursday night (Friday morning…?)… and ended up ordering me some shiny, shiny new books from Barnes and Noble. And um…yes, I’ve already read Archangel’s Kiss… but so… I need a matching set, right? *G*

Beyond the Night…now available…

I was lucky enough to get an early read of this one (disclaimer: Jos gave it to me)… and it’s good… strange twist on an old legend.  Loved it. Excerpt “That was a big-ass snake,” Jade said, trying to keep her own breathing under control. Elliott was very close to her, and the torch made […]