Friday 56

It’s finally Friday again, YAY! So we know what that means, time for Friday 56.  Grab the closest (not necessarily what you’re currently reading, just whatever happens to be near you at the moment). Turn to page 56 and give us the 5th sentence. You can also quote an extra one or two around it […]

Friday Reads/Friday 56

Kindle Hey all, Nicole again This released this past Tuesday (4/26), so of course I’m already devouring it ;). My Friday 56 comes from Dark Descendant by Jenna Black. I might have been able to talk myself out of believing the things I’d seen the cultists do last night. What’s your Friday read/Friday 56? Haven’t […]

Friday 56

Hey all, Nicole here. Are you ready for the weekend? I know I am ;). My #Fridayreads will be Primal Bonds by Jennifer Ashley.   If you haven’t done a Friday 56 before, grab the nearest book (doesn’t have to be the one you’re reading…in my case it *is*) just the closest one. Turn to […]

And the solution is….a nap!

Yesterday I was feeling too bleh to mess with the normal TT. Woke up Thursday feeling equally bleh and figured I wouldn’t get much done. I was tired, my brain couldn’t focus. Still, I sat down with my laptop and got to work. Managed a whopping 816 words. Considering the story I’m working on is […]

Friday Snippets ~ For the Love of Jazz

This was my first attempt at actual romantic suspense.  Still not overly sure I managed it well, but eh, not much I can do about it now.  The day was overcast, which only seemed fitting. Crouched by the gravesite, Jazz studied the pale gray headstone with troubled eyes. “Why did you have to go and […]

Friday Snippets

Kindle So a new meme thing… actually writing related so hey… this IS work. From I’ll Be Hunting You… in ebook from Ellora’s Cave. FYI, it’s erotic romance so if that’s not your thing… although this snippet isn’t racy. “Who could do this?” Eli muttered. The vampire had the face of a fallen angel—high cheekbones, a […]