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Shiloh Walker

Just 1 Week to 30 Nights

One more week until Thirty Nights With A Dirty Boy Part 1 will debut on H&H.  You can read for free if you’re a member…Thirty Nights With A Dirty Boy

“Touch me.” His voice was low and warm, a seductive stroke along my senses.

I was shaking. A nervous wreck inside.

I surprised the hell out of myself when I did just that, sliding my hands up along the muscled ridges of his abdomen and then higher.

Then, staring at the tattoo, I did something I didn’t think I had the courage for—I lifted my hand from his waist and placed it flat against the wall of his chest, where that tattoo spiraled and twisted. “I like this.”

His hand covered mine. Then his other hand cupped my chin. He angled my head back, and with his palm pressing my hand flush to his chest, he kissed me.

It was a deeper, rougher kiss.

It was a hungry kiss.

It was the kind of kiss I’d seen a hundred times—the kind of kiss I’d always longed to have.

And this time, the kiss was mine.


#notchilled Regarding certain titles: Please read

I wish it hadn’t come to this, but the bottom line is, it has.

I received a check in August. It was February sales of my Ellora’s Cave titles. I’m not going to discuss contract terms, but lets say I’m months past when I should have received payment on sales in months following February and I’ve yet to receive another check.

I’ve reached out to the publisher, hoping for an amicable resolution and it hasn’t happened.

At this time, I’d like to request that my readers stop buying the titles below from any and all retailers.  If I’m not going to get paid, and in a timely manner, I’d rather the books not be bought at all.

Her Best Friends Lover
Silk Scarves and Seduction
Never as it seems
Guilty Needs
One of the Guys
His Christmas Cara
Lacey’s Game
Sexy Little Surprises

In December, the rights to His Christmas Cara will be revert to me and it will be reissued. Beyond that, I don’t know what to say about these titles.

I would appreciate your support and understanding in this.  I worked hard and on each and every title I’ve written and it’s demoralizing to not be compensated for that hard work.

I will not be responding to questions or answering emails on this.  I’ve said pretty much everything I need to say and comments are closed.

Shadowed Blade…Cover!

Book is still a work in progress, but I’ve got a cover!

Shadowed Blade 2016

Some might noticed yet another model.  Why, yes.  Yes, it is. I loved the model I had on the last two books (three, if you count the boxed set), but over the last year especially, she seemed to be showing up on a lot of books.

And because I aspire to be unique in all ways (in other words, I sulk if I don’t stand out), I decided I wanted another model.  The old books are going to be repackaged in the coming months, too.

This model’s image won’t be appearing on dozens of other sites, either.  I’ve got lock, stock and barrel rights on the images.  I took them, see. That’s Diva. My daughter.

Due out in spring 2016

In less than a month…

Thirty Nights

If you missed it, you can read the first chapter…ish…over at Heroes & Heartbreakers.

Psrt 1Money Can’t Buy Love…
Ella Cruise doesn’t like to be touched. A survivor of childhood abuse, she craves security in all aspects of her life: fulfilling work at the nonprofit she runs, more than enough money to live comfortably, and a good friend and confidant. But none of it can ease her longing for intimacy, even if just for a night. When she meets a gorgeous bartender who moonlights as a male prostitute, a bold idea begins to take shape…

But It Can Buy a Night of Passion–or Thirty…
Sean Lachlan is stunned by the cool beauty’s offer: 30 nights of no-strings sex in exchange for all the money he’d need to start over. The deal seems too good to be true, especially since his desire for her is no act, but Sean finds he can’t turn her down. Before they know it, Sean and Ella realize they’re in deep, their defenses crumbling. Will thirty nights with a dirty boy be enough after all, or will love lead Ella and Sean back to the negotiating table?

iBooks | Amazon | BN

As a reminder, the novellas will be released free to members of the H&H community (and membership is free), one novella a week the first three weeks in December. For those who’d like a set to keep on their e-readers, it will be for sale in February.

Yes, this is a serialized story, but hey…it’s free to read on the web, and we’re releasing them one week apart. 😉  That’s a pretty decent deal.

Ex-Con: Bad Boy Romance…now out

I was an ex-con. A convicted killer. And I knew that’s all anyone would ever see me as. At least I thought so…until I met her…

Ex-Con: Bad Boy Romance

When recent parolee Bobby Cantrell loses yet another job, he resigns himself to the usual struggle of finding a place willing to take a chance on someone with his past. Then, without warning, a gorgeous blonde careens into his life and everything changes.

Carly Prince. Gorgeous. Untouchable. Everything Bobby could ever want and knows he can Ex Con Finalnever have.

Except, maybe, he’s finally found someone who sees something good inside him, something even he can’t see.

What he can’t do, however, is escape from his past. A past that now threatens to destroy the new life he’s building for himself…and threatens people he’s come to care about. Can he save them, or will he have more blood on his hands?

* * * * *

“Can’t sleep?”

“I’m sleeping just fine,” I responded, not turning to look at her. “I sleepwalk.”

“I love a smart-ass.”

My skin pricked as she moved to stand next to me. She stood so close, I could feel the warmth of her, a teasing little promise.

I didn’t respond. Instead, I took another sip of the bourbon. Damn, but that stuff was good. I didn’t think I’d ever be able to go back to drinking the cheap shit I’d always had before. She was ruining me already.

“How much trouble is he going to try to cause you?” Carly asked into the quiet of the room.


I didn’t know why I bothered playing dumb.

She was a hell of a lot smarter than anyone gave her credit for. Well, anyone but Jake and Ryan. They didn’t underestimate her.

Her sigh was dramatically overdone, and from the corner of my eye, I could see the way she tipped her head back to the sky, almost as if she was praying for patience. If she found any, maybe she could share it. I needed some myself.


I tossed back the rest of the bourbon, and then put the glass down on the small table next to the window. “Caralee,” I said, mimicking her aggravated tone.

Then I turned, ready to go back to my room, even if I couldn’t get back to sleep. Except she caught my arm. I looked at her and immediately wished I hadn’t.

I wouldn’t be able to unsee the sight of her wearing some skinny-strapped white thing that covered her just down past her hips. She wore a sheer robe that I guessed was supposed to provide some extra modesty, but all it did was make me want to peel it away.

I felt like I’d just finished running five miles around the yard, my chest heaving, my heart pounding, my hands shaking.



“I…” She blinked.

I reached up and touched her lower lip. It was so soft. I could remember just how soft too. And how sweet.

She swayed closer, a soft little noise escaping her.

This time, when she whispered my name, I didn’t bother saying anything.

I just kissed her.

She opened her mouth under mine and I groaned.

She was hot and sweet and more intoxicating than the bourbon I’d just finished. I felt drunk – on her – and I wanted more. Wrapping my arms around her, I pulled her flush against me. My hands slid down to her hips, around to her ass.

Fuck, she had an amazing ass.

Her breasts pushed against my chest, nipples almost as hard as my cock. She nipped at my tongue and I shuddered. Her nails scratched at the back of my neck.

I could lose my mind for her. My mind, my heart, my everything.

Buy on Amazon…available for Kindle & Kindle Unlimited. Will be available on other platforms in February 2016. See this page for more information.

Thirty Nights with a Dirty Boy release schedule!

I’ve had people asking when Thirty Nights will be available and I’ve got a rough estimate now.

We’re planning on releasing the novellas one a week, each week, the first three weeks in December. Sort of like a Christmas present.


Remember, you can read them for free if you’re a member of the Heroes & Heartbreakers community. For people who want their own copies, you can find preorder links here and they’ll be released to buy in February.

Thirty Nights

“Kiss me back, Ella.  I’ve taught you how.  Kiss me back.”

His lips grazed mine, softer this time.

I didn’t respond, though. Not right away.

This didn’t feel right.

He was angry.

Angry…and I wouldn’t see him again after this.  He didn’t…well, want wasn’t the right word.  I could feel his want—it was prodding me in the belly.

Sean Lachlan most definitely wanted me.

And I wanted him.

Wanted…craved…He was a drug and this was the last time I’d ever get a hit.

This time, when he slid his tongue across mine, I responded.  He wasn’t close enough so I stepped in, taking away the distance between us.  When I pushed my hands under his shirt, he hesitated. But only for an instant.

In the next, I was braced against the door.

It was cheap, industrial metal, painted white at some point, but it had long since gone some dingy shade.  I didn’t care.  It could have been a bed of rose or a bed of nails.  As long as Sean was touching me, it didn’t matter where we were or what surface we used.