Insta-love and building bridges

Kindle   H/T to Pearl for giving me a blog topic today!  I sometimes run out of steam when it’s near/around release time because…well, nerves.  FYI, just a reminder, though, there are only a few hours to enter for the ARC of DEEPER THAN NEED. This is more of a writer/storytelling/craft ramble. On twitter a […]

Best laid plans

I planned to do steaks on the grill last night. But there was this… Now there are several recipes that relate to Birds’ Nest…cookies, treats… some sort of birds’ nest soup…but I’m pretty sure none of those called for these ingredients, and I’m damn certain they aren’t needed for steak. The good news is, the […]

Break For Me…

So… did you meet Tate from BURN FOR ME? It’s time to meet Dean…and Jensen, Tate’s younger sister. That attitude of hers shouldn’t be so appealing. He understood the need for the attitude—he’d learned young to cover his, though. Cover the attitude, cover the teeth, all until he had reason otherwise. Jensen had either never […]

Burn for Me… due out tomorrow!

The first book in the new Secrets & Shadows series… “I just want you,” she said, her voice stark.  “All of you.” What the fuck did that mean? It wasn’t like he was seeing anybody else. He thought about her all the time.  She was in his head, in his blood.  He could smell the […]

Wrecked… and Razed

In a moment of shocking glee, I saw that WRECKED made it into the DABWAHA… (say it three times fast, I dare you…) It’s the annual tournament of bitchery and bad-ass books created by Smart Bitches and Dear Author and WRECKED is one of the contemporary nominees.  I’m dying of delight over here. Here… a […]

Final day…If You Hear Her, 0.99

It’s the last day (I think) for the promo pricing on the first book in the Ash trilogy. A CRY IN THE WOODS The scream Lena Riddle hears in the woods behind her house is enough to curdle her blood—she has no doubt that a woman is in real danger. Unfortunately, with no physical evidence, […]