Good Girls Don’t

briefly unavailable in ebook.  Will be reissued in the near future.

also available in the print anthololgies A Hot Man is the Best Revenge or The Hottie Next Door

Lori has a nice, safe job and a nice, safe fiancé. She has played it safe most of her life. Until she finds that nice, safe fiancé in bed with another woman. But the ultimate betrayal is that he is willing to play sexy bedroom games with the neighbor that he wouldn’t play with Lori, no matter how often she asked. She kicks him out of her bed, out of her house, and out of her life. Now she’s ready to make her fantasies come true. She starts at Exposé, a sex club where anything goes.

Mike has been attracted to Lori since moving in next door. She is taken though, and even if she were free, she’s not his type. Too sweet, too innocent, too nice. So what in hell is she doing at Exposé? He doesn’t know, but he’s determined to protect her from the other guys in the club…and from himself. Determined to protect her even if it means bringing her pain.

By the time Mike realizes Lori doesn’t want or need to be protected, it’s almost too late.

loosely connected to Her Wildest Dreams

No leather for her.

No—Lori was wearing wine red lace, nearly the same color she had slicked on her lips.  The corset was designed to look as through she wore nothing under the lace, but as he moved a little closer, he realized it wasn’t pale, soft flesh he was seeing under the overlay of lace but some sort of silky cloth that was nearly the same color as her skin.

The teasing hint of what lay under the corset was enough to make him want to tear the lace and silk away, stripping her bare.  He wasn’t the only one who had an appreciation for the picture she made.  Just before he drew even with her, somebody that looked entirely too familiar slid up to her side and rested a hand on her shoulder.

It was Trask Boyett, one of the more serious club members.  Unlike the Romeo from earlier, this one would know how to initiate somebody like Lori.  And Mike wasn’t about to see it happen.

Hell, no.


She looked away from Trask, her eyes meeting Mike’s and widening.  A soft flush stained her cheeks but she didn’t look away.  Her eyes were wide and round with surprise as she stared at him and Mike could only imagine the thoughts racing through her mind.

Looking over her shoulder at Trask, he cocked a brow.

Trask’s blond brows rose over his pale grey eyes and he smiled slightly.  “You shouldn’t let her out alone in here, Mike.  You know better.”

Lori scowled, looking back at Trask but he had already withdrawn, melting back into the crowd.   She looked back at Mike, her brows arching over her soft blue eyes as she demanded, “What in the hell was he talking about?”

Mike ignored her, reaching out and closing a hand around her arm.  “Come on.  You and me are going to have a talk.”

She resisted, trying to tug her arm away.  “I’m having a drink here.”

Mike reached behind her and grabbed the half empty tumbler.  He tossed it back, grimacing at the over sweet taste of rum and coke.  After he’d emptied it,  he slammed the glass back on the gleaming mahogany bar.  “No, you’re not.  Come on.”

Still, Lori tried to tug away from him so he moved closer and bent down low, murmuring into her ear, “You can either walk out of here with me or be carried.  Believe me, not too many people will think much of it if I throw you over my shoulder.”

Her eyes narrowed and the soft curve of her lower lip poked out in a slight pout, but she fell in step alongside him.

Mike had two choices.  He could take her upstairs to the private rooms.  For three hundred bucks, he could rent one until the club closed at 4 a.m.  Or he could take her out to the trellised patio.  The patio led out into a maze of hedges that had dozens of little nooks and crannies where they could get some semblance of privacy.

The private rooms were tempting, but Mike wasn’t going to put himself alone with her, not as edgy as he was feeling right now.


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