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Did you enter to win a copy of Wild, Wicked Fantasies?

If so, go check out the post.  Winner names are posted in comments.  There were 26 entries. I picked 5 winners, roughly 1 in 5.  Seemed like a good number.  :)

Dragons & Blades!

Already posted this over at J.C.’s site, but here…for you!

I’ll be at DragonCon  this year.

Can I just dance a jig for a moment?

Okay, now then…

I’ll be on the Urban Fantasy Track at DragonCon this year.

My panels/autograph sessions…

Title: The Plot Thickens: Mystery & Suspense in UF
Description: How mystery & suspense characterize Urban Fantasy.
Time: Fri 02:30 pm Location: Chastain ED – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Laura Anne Gilman, Stuart Jaffe, S. J. Harper, D.B. Jackson, J. C. Daniels, David Mack, Kevin J. Anderson)

Title: Autograph Session
Time: Sat 11:30 am Location: International Hall South – Marriott (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: Fran Wilde, J. C. Daniels)

Title: Supernatural Variety in UF
Description: Authors on supernatural beings in their work, & how their choices affect their stories & worlds.
Time: Sat 01:00 pm Location: Chastain ED – Westin (Length: 1 Hour)
(Tentative Panelists: J. C. Daniels, Jenna Black, Myke Cole, John G. Hartness, Samantha Sommersby, Tamsin L. Silver)

I’ll also be signing at a booth in the Vendor’s area, although I’m not sure of times or details yet.  So…if you do DragonCon, come see me!

Also… Blade Song is free for a little while!

Check it out!

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The Forsaken…The FBI Psychics

New book out today…for those who prefer print, my two ebook novellas, The Unwanted and The Innocent are now available!

Please Note:

This is not a new title. It contains two titles previously only available in ebook, The Unwanted & The Innocent.

The Forsaken FBI Psychics

Love can be heaven…or Hell.

FBI Psychics, Print Collection 1

The Unwanted
Destin’s psychic gift for tracking down violent rapists is rough on relationships. Caleb was the only man who didn’t think her a freak-and he walked away. But now her boss wants them to work a particularly horrendous case.

For Caleb, leaving was an act of self-preservation. Forced to work together one last time, he knows if he lowers his shields for an instant, there will be no resisting the temptation to lose himself in her wild power.

But to catch the rapist, it’s exactly what he’ll have to do.

The Innocent
Jay has journeyed to Hell, Georgia, to pick a bone with the sort-of boyfriend who abruptly severed their hot-and-heavy cyber link. But no touching. Her psychic abilities make physical contact…complicated.

With corruption rampant in his town, Linc has no time to nurse Jay’s broken heart. Until he discovers the woman who’s afraid to touch him could actually be his best chance.

Warning: Contains tortured souls who have lost love and pined for their missing half, a woman who can see evil, a hot FBI agent, a not-so-naive virgin, a pissed-off former cop, lots of frustration, if you know what I mean, and more trouble than either of them know what to do with.


Linc groaned and reached down, steadying her with one hand on her hip.  “Stop it, Jay.  Look at me.”

She focused on his eyes, even though his chest was moving in a ragged rhythm against her own and the sensation of it had her nipples drawing tight, her breasts aching.

“How long?” he asked, his voice tight.

She blinked, confused.  “What?”

“How long as it been?”

“Ahhhh…”  She licked her lips.

His gaze dropped to her mouth.

Oh…he could be distracted?  She slid a hand up his chest, curved it over his neck and started to tug him down to meet her mouth.  He started to comply but then he growled, tugging away.

That just sent him deeper and she whimpered, instinctively pressing her hips back into the mattress even as pleasure twisted through her.

“That’s it.”  Linc caught her wrists, pinned them over her head.

She glared at him.

He glared back, but ruined it by dipping his head and tracing the line of her mouth with his tongue.  “Tell me, Jay.”  He circled his hips against her as he spoke and the soft, teasing little motions coaxed her into relaxing and she shuddered as he slid deeper.

“I…” Her breath caught in her lungs and then sighed, curling her captured hands into fists as he sank so far in, she could almost feel the heat of his pelvis pressing against her own.  “I…never, Linc.”

He tensed.  Then, abruptly, he stilled, his weight braced on one trembling elbow as he pressed his brow to her chest.

Sliding one hand up his side, she held her breath.  What was he going to do?

If he stopped—

His lips brushed against her skin, a silken caress.

“A better man might stop.”

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Wicked, Wild Fantasies…(Her Wildest Dreams) ~ contest


Winners have been drawn and posted in comments.  No new winners taken at this time! Thank you!

Her Wildest Dreams, one of my oldest ~ and most popular titles ~ is about to be reissued.  If anybody would be interested in reading/reviewing it, it will be up on netgalley in the next few days.

Also, I’m give away some epub copies here via the blog.  How many depends on how much feedback I get.  If I get a couple of comments…well, I won’t give away a bunch.  If I get a LOT of feedback, I’ll giveaway more.  :)  So odds of winning depend on number of participants.

Reviews aren’t necessary, but they are very, very much appreciated and help in ways you don’t imagine…word of mouth, etc can make or break a book, which is why that kind of feedback is so crucial.

The revised blurb and a snippet are below.

FYI, if you’ve read the book before, it’s been very heavily edited and VERY HEAVILY REWRITTEN…thus the new title.

Also…because I’ve been asked…no, I’m afraid if you’ve purchased the old copy, I can’t give you a new one for free.  The books are distributed via different platforms, etc…but I kept the price low.  It’s only $2.99 up until release date and it’s a much better, much tighter book…with new material added.

Wicked Wild Fantasies - Her Wildest Dreams

Always the wallflower, Alison Ryan is used to being ignored and pushed around. Everybody takes her for granted, even the strung-out would-be mugger who tried to steal her purse late one night. She can’t say who was more surprised when she stood up to him…the mugger, herself…or Detective Alex O’Malley, her brother’s best friend and the man she’s loved for most of her life.

When a little bit of comforting goes sideways, Ali ends up living out one of her most hidden fantasies, having Alex’s mouth on hers, his hands sliding all over her body.

The last thing Alex O’Malley expected was to wake up and find himself wrapped around his best friend’s baby sister. He’d just been trying to be a friend and he wakes up in wonderland. Before he could get his head wrapped around what’s going on, though, his mouth gets him in trouble and Alison takes off. Plagued by guilt and a need that just won’t quit, he keeps away from her.

When life has them crashing back together, Alex can hardly believe his eyes. The shy mouse who used to pretend she wasn’t staring at him is gone and in her place is a strong, sexy confident woman who isn’t afraid to take her life—and her needs—into her own hands.

Determined to convince her to give him a chance, Alex sets out to make her understand that he is the one man who can make all her wicked, wild fantasies come true.

Previously published as HER WILDEST DREAMS. This title has been extensively rewritten and revised. New material has been added and it has been re-edited.


“Ali-cat…open your mouth.”

Alison whimpered as Alex cupped her face in his hands. He kissed her and licked a hot, wet path across her mouth.

“I want you to open,” he ordered.

But she didn’t. Because if she didn’t…

Alex sighed, the sound faintly amused. He pressed his thumb to her lower lip while his free hand smoothed down her bare back. Bare…

She was naked.

How had she gotten naked?

And she was on his lap—

“You’re disobeying me, baby.”

She swallowed and whispered against his thumb, “I’m sorry, Alex.”

“Are you?”

She nodded.

“Then you’ll have to make it up to me, won’t you?”

Excited yet somehow scared, she nodded again.

“Good girl…”

She didn’t remember how they ended up on the bed. One moment she’d been on his lap, naked. Then she was on the bed, the mattress like a cloud under her while her arms were stretched overhead. Not just stretched, though. Cuffed. She was bound and bare beneath him and Alex stood between her legs, using one foot to nudge her thighs apart. “Spread them,” he said, giving her a cocky grin as he echoed one of the most clichéd cop lines ever.

“Are you…are you arresting me, detective?” she asked.

“Should I?” He went to his knees now, staring at her with hot, hungry eyes. “Have you been bad, Ali-cat?”

She shook her head. “No.” She was never bad. And that kind of sucked.

Still fully clothed, he laid a hand on her bare thigh and said, “I bet you have been.” Then he smoothed his hand up, not stopping until he met the juncture where hip met thigh. Then he brushed his knuckles across the damp curls that covered her. “See…bad girl. You’re already wet. Why are you so wet, Ali-cat?”

Heat flooded her.

Then she jolted as he brought his hand down on her. She arched up, staring at him in shock. He’d just…

“I spanked your wet little cunt, Ali-cat. Did you like it?”

Panting, she nodded.

“Why are you wet?” he asked again.

“Because…I…” She moaned and rolled her hips. “Because I want you, Alex.” Always. She’d always wanted him.

“Want me to do what?” He continued to watch her. He could have been bored for all the interest he displayed. But there was a hot, wicked glitter in his eyes.

“You,” she gasped. “Inside me.”

“Not good enough.” He shook his head even as he passed the front of his hand down his crotch. “Tell me you want me to fuck you, Alison. Tell me.”

“Fuck me,” she pleaded, staring up into his dark-chocolate eyes.

He came down over her and she gasped at the feel of his cock, hot and thick, nudging against her.

He drove the rigid length of his cock inside her. And held still. “Beg me,” he whispered, nipping at her ear.

“Fuck me, please. Hard, fuck me hard. Harder, harder—”


Alison awoke with a moan when Alex trailed his lips down the curve of her neck. Somehow they had gone from sleeping sitting upright on the couch to sprawling on the floor, with his hands inside her panties, cupping her ass while he nuzzled and nipped along the line of her neck and shoulders.

Dazed, she tried to blink her mind clear, but the dream clung to her. It clung and mixed, mingled with a million daydreams…and a bit of reality.

What would he say if he knew?

Sweet, innocent little Alison Ryan had seen him having sex.

A few years ago, his house had flooded and he’d needed a place to stay. Mike had been out of town and this place had always been open to Alex. Too bad nobody had told Alison.

He caught her nipple in his teeth and she cried out, even as her memory fed her another image from that day.

She’d come in through the back. Her house was just a block away, on the other side of the flood wall and she’d made some chocolate chip cookies for Alex. The door hadn’t been locked.

She’d come in…heard the moans.

The woman—Alison had no idea who she was—had been cuffed to the four-poster bed in the guestroom. The door had been open, the shadows from twilight lying heavy on the house.

“Tell me what you want,” Alex had said.

The woman had moaned as Alex trailed his hand down her torso.


He’d squeezed her nipples and smiled. Alison had only seen his profile, but that smile, both beautiful and cruel, had made her pussy clutch and ache. “I’m right here.”

“No…inside me…”

So he’d pushed his thumb inside her mouth. “Like that?”

Just then, Alex swept his thumb over her lower lip and instinctively Alison opened her mouth and sucked it inside. She’d relived those stolen few minutes a hundred times, maybe a thousand.

When he pushed his thigh between her knees, she moaned and rocked up. His teeth toyed and tugged at her nipple, but he made an irritated noise and shifted away, long enough to tear open her shirt.

Alison cried out at the feel of his mouth, hot and wicked, on her bare nipple. He used his tongue to push it to the roof of his mouth and sucked on it, drawing hard and fast, showing no mercy.

She shot her hands into his hair and tugged, holding him tight.

He allowed it for a moment and she hissed out a breath as he tore at her panties, then they were gone…just gone…and she felt a blistering, deadly sort of heat spiral through her as he caught her hands and pinned them over her head.

Her mind flashed back to the dream.

Was she even awake?

Rough denim scraped against her thighs. His palm was hard, broad, calloused as it skimmed down over her belly and then she gasped, her eyes flying wide as he used two fingers to open her, parting the lips of her sex and then plunging them deep.

A soundless scream escaped her and then, before she could catch her breath, Alex’s mouth crushed hers, his tongue driving past her lips. It swirled and tangled with hers as he rubbed his fingers inside her pussy, stroked, teased…

And then he stopped.

She mewled out a protest, tried to reach for him, but he muttered against her mouth, “Be still… just…”

His voice faded away and in the silence, she heard a load, rasping noise. His zipper.

His cock sprang free and for one moment, she felt him pulse against her thigh and in that brief moment, her head cleared.

His dropped his weight down on her and she blinked, staring up at him.

His dark eyes were open, but…not.

“Alex,” she whispered.

He kissed her again and lost, she kissed him back.

He came inside her, hard and deep and fast. And Alison, unprepared, untried, screamed in shock, in pain…and in pleasure.

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So… want a copy?  Just tell me… did you read the old version?  Yes or no.  :)  I’ll draw some names to get a download of the updated epub.  Disclaimer, etc, etc… here

There she goes…

I spent yesterday settling Diva into school. Two and a half hours away.  She’ll spent the next two years of her high school career living away from home.  Then it’s off to campus.

She’s excited.  I’m excited for her, and scared. And weepy.  Mostly excited and scared. And proud.  It’s a fantastic opportunity, there’s not doubt.

For those who saw the post earlier in the summer, she is still taking commissions if anybody would like pets or the like…

some of her art…

sketch $20-$25



A sketch like this would be about $20-$25, depending on the time involved.

$20-$25As you can tell, people really like her to draw cats.  But here’s one of my dogs.


This would be $15-20.

She’s done Kit chibis.  This one is mine and the original isn’t for sale… that’s Damon in the background.  He’s a tiny a little kitty!  But you can buy a high quality print copy for $10. I handle the shipping.

Kit & Damon

Also, the watermark and font and the bottom isn’t on the original.

Then her best one…



This one is pretty big… on about 11×17 paper.  It took her days.  Stuff this complex would cost more.  $75.

She does take commissions, but as you can tell by the images, she does better with fantastical type creatures, animals and uncomplicated chibi types.

She’s using the money she earns now for spending money, any trips and upcoming expenses over the next year or so.  The courses she takes are college level and she isn’t allowed to work while at the school, but she’s gotten used to earning money (and likes it), so if you have loved ones if your life who enjoys animals, maybe a cute, hand-drawn picture would be a great Christmas present… 😉  One guy ordered like four.

If interested, email me at shilohwalker2011 AT


Seduced in Secret (Whipped Cream & Handcuffs)

Whipped cream & handcuffs.
Any questions?Seduced in Secret


I talk about lightning strike books a lot…where an idea pretty much just hits me out of nowhere and this was honestly the first one that blasted me like that.  It was twelve years ago maybe, and I wrote the 12000 word story in a rush, over four hours.

It was one of my steadiest sellers for the longest time.

Rights reverted to me a while back and readers have been asking for me to reissue WHIPPED CREAM & HANDCUFFS but when I was reading through it, I knew it could be better.

So I had to make it better.

The idea of the book is still the same, but the heroine is stronger and the hero…well, he was a douche.

I have to like my people before I can try to sell them to my readers.  I know a lot of people loved Caleb and Tessa as they were…I hope you’ll like them even more now.

The story has been HEAVILY rewritten and revised, pretty much a new book entirely, just based off the same idea.

And it’s yours…for the low, low price of 0.99  :)

Seduced in Secret - Secret Admirer Stories


Best laid plans…are meant to be broken.

Life laid out, Tessa had everything set. Engaged to marry the perfect man, a rich, great-looking doctor, she was content with her life, or so she thought. Then the gift arrived. Delivered to her office on Valentine’s Day, it was filled with handcuffs, sexy little toys and a suggestive little card.

It wasn’t from her fiancé, either.

When the emails and the phone started coming, she should have been able to brush them off, except the man said something that left her uneasy…and not because he scared her, but because he was right. Your fiancé will never make you happy, Tessa.

Confused, she starts looking at her fiancé, her life…and other things…in a whole new light. One of the things she finds herself considering is her best friend and neighbor, Caleb. He’s always been there. Even when he spent years in the Navy, Caleb was the one she could count on and now isn’t any different. He’s there to listen when she needs an ear and he’s got nice, strong shoulders when she needs one to lean on.

It doesn’t her long to realize that one thing is certain—her fiancé can’t make her happy. But now she doesn’t know whether she wants to take a chance on her sexy secret admirer…or Caleb, the man who’s been there waiting for her all along.

It includes a short bonus story called Don’t Walk Away.

Seduced in Secret was previously published as Whipped Cream and Handcuffs. It has been extensively rewritten, revised and expanded.


One kiss became another, and then another.

Then it ended and she was sitting her seat, panting. Caleb was gone.

His door had opened, shut.

She looked around, confused and then jerked her ahead as he opened her door.

He pulled her out and she all but sagged against him, desperate for another one of those kisses.

He pushed her back up against the car, his hips pinning hers in place as his hands buried into her hair, twisting and twining and arching her head back for another kiss. “Open,” he growled. “Open.”

She did.

His tongue came into her mouth and she sucked on it, greed taking over.

Caleb shuddered.

She slid her hands down his chest and wrapped her arms around his torso, gripping him tight. She arched closer, rubbing against him. Inside the silk of her bra, her nipples were tight, swollen and throbbing. She couldn’t get close enough.




Silken smooth skin lay below the hem of her skirt.

Caleb felt just a few inches as he worked the tight material up and then he encountered something else—tight and form fitting, like she’d poured herself into it. He wanted her naked. Now. Thought about just shoving the skirt of the dress up over her ass, and whatever fussy feminine thing she was wearing under it. Then he could bend her over.

His mind had already processed the terrain around them. Left over from his time in the Navy.

It was too bright out here, the light from the garage shining down on them.

He could get her up to the porch. There was a darkened corner there—

Tessa moaned out his name and he went rigid.

What the fuck are you doing?

Slowly, he eased away.

When she tried to follow his mouth, he brushed hers with soft, soothing kisses.

There was no way in hell he could possibly do this.

Not with Tessa.

She’d finally seen him.

He couldn’t risk blowing it.

A few strained seconds passed, her heaving chest rising to meet his own and then she opened her eyes.

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