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The Forsaken: FBI Psychics

If you prefer print, two of my shorter FBI stories have been combined for a print release, THE FORSAKEN, available next month.

The Forsaken: FBI Psychics Shiloh Walker

The Unwanted

Destin’s psychic gift for tracking down violent rapists is rough on relationships. Caleb was the only man who didn’t think her a freak—and he walked away. But now her boss wants them to work a particularly horrendous case.

For Caleb, leaving was an act of self-preservation. Forced to work together one last time, he knows if he lowers his shields for an instant, there will be no resisting the temptation to lose himself in her wild power.

But to catch the rapist, it’s exactly what he’ll have to do.

The Innocent

Jay has journeyed to Hell, Georgia, to pick a bone with the sort-of boyfriend who abruptly severed their hot-and-heavy cyber link. But no touching. Her psychic abilities make physical contact…complicated.

She’s not in Hell twenty minutes before bad vibes have her skin crawling.

With corruption rampant in his town, Linc has no time to nurse Jay’s broken heart. Until he discovers the woman who’s afraid to touch him could actually be his best chance. At salvation, at hope, at life. Maybe even love…

Warning: Contains tortured souls who have lost love and pined for their missing half, a woman who can see evil, a hot FBI agent, a not-so-naive virgin, a pissed-off former cop, lots of frustration, if you know what I mean, and more trouble than either of them know what to do with.

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Looking for Her Wildest Dreams?

Okay, so I’ve a LOT of people asking for a couple of books… HER WILDEST DREAMS & WHIPPED CREAM AND HANDCUFFS.


Wicked Wild Fantasies - Her Wildest Dreams



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Seduced in Secret - Secret Admirer Stories



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What…are you confused?  That isn’t them?  Yes, it is.  Some of the books I’m reissuing won’t get a lot of rework done, but these two needed it, thus the new names.  While the core story stays the same, the books have been all but rewritten and both had new material added.  SiS had a lot of new material added.

SiS will be out next month and WWF will be out in September.  Links are up to preorder and you can more and their respective links.

Final Protocol ~ availabel now ~

Like sci-fi romance?  Here ya go!  Final Protcol, science fiction with a erotical, romantical sort of twist.  But be warned, it’s a little dark.  That warning about questionable consent?  It is not tongue in cheek.

sci fi romance books

Tip #1: Don’t get on her bad side. Tip #2: There’s no good side.

Her name is Silence. If she was ever known by any other name, she doesn’t remember.

She is a killer. If she was ever anything else, she doesn’t remember.

She has an owner. If she was ever free…well, that she does remember. She was free and then somebody gave her to a madman to pay a debt that wasn’t hers. She’s his toy, his pet…and his trained killer. She kills at his whim or she dies.

She has a target. Her so-called owner…the man who makes her life a living hell. If she could kill anybody in the universe, it would be him. But he holds her life in his hands.

And she has a wish—to find a man she barely remembers. A man she knows she once loved. The man who betrayed her and stole away her freedom.

With one final target between her and the tantalizing promise of freedom, she moves in for the kill. There’s one problem. There’s something strangely familiar about her mark. Something that echoes in the void where love used to live.

Warning: One woman with a mission, one evil bastard who lies as often as he breathes, and a man who’ll stop at nothing to find what he lost. Be warned…some questionable consent lies within.

“You failed me, Silence,” he murmured. He reached up and stroked a finger down my cheek.

“I explained the circumstances,” I said, keeping my voice steady.

“Hmmm.” He slid a hand around, his fingers idly probing the spot at the nape of my neck. To some, it might look like a lazy caress. To me, it was a dire threat. The bioseal was buried there, inside my brain matter, locked within me.

His hand fell away and he looked over my shoulder.

And even though he’d done this more than once, even though I’d suspected he’d do it again, there was no time to brace myself.

The biotronic system was too fast to evade, and in a heartbeat, I was trapped in what looked like a gossamer web but felt like bonds of ’stene. As it tightened around me, I sucked in as much air as I could, expanding my rib cage. Once, he’d done this and it had wrapped around me so tightly, I’d thought I’d smother.

But that wasn’t his torture today. It stopped when it had me restrained, and Gold went about stripping my weapons away.

Biotronic arms slid out from behind me, grabbing the weapons from him and whisking them away. He found every last one, including the garrote I’d tucked inside my collar, dart I carried on me and the stunners. There was a small glass vial of poison and he took that, holding it up to the light and studying it before turning it over to the biotronic arms. In moments, he was done and I felt stripped bare.

I’d rather have weapons and be naked when I had to deal with him than have no weapons and face him like this. Bound and trapped.

“One might think you didn’t feel safe coming to see me,” he said, studying me from under the thick fringe of his lashes.

“Safety is an illusion with you.” I clenched my hands into fists. If I could get free, I could kill him with my bare hands. I knew how. He’d seen to that.

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sci fi romance

Happy 4th of July

4th of July

Grimm’s End…coming this October

Grimm's End - fairy tale retellings

He would walk into hell for her. Hell’s not willing to let him back out.

Years have passed since Will flung himself headlong into demon central. Everyone has told Mandy he’s lost to them, but she still won’t believe it. He was her heart and soul—still is—even if he never admitted they belonged together.

When a friend is nearly torn through a rip between the worlds, Mandy gets the sign she’s hoped and prayed for. Her friend is thrust back through to safety by no other than Will himself.

With all hell breaking loose on earth, only two Grimm can be spared for the mission to retrieve their leader—Mandy and the only otherGrimm crazy enough to go with her.

Will would forget the color of the sky before he’d forget the love of all his lives. But his time is done. It’s only a matter of which demon will finally destroy him.

He never thought his final moments would be haunted by Mandy’s face. But is it a fitting punishment, or one last chance to atone for crimes he committed so long ago?

Warning:  This book contains too much angst, too many secrets, and two people who long to be together. It’s also the end of a long, fun ride. Thanks for taking it.

due out October 27. 2015.

This will be the final story in the Grimm’s Circle series.  If you haven’t read the Grimm and enjoy fairy tale retellings, you can read more about the series here.


I tried hard not to look at the ruin of the castle.

When I did, I saw it as I had in my dream, the imposing, majestic power of it.  And I saw him.

Pulling me to him, stroking my face, my hair.

Then fading, as I woke.

It was easier to see the castle now, in a crumbling ruin,

Considering what had happened here, the grass should be withered and brown and…


There shouldn’t be any grass.

Withered and brown grass, after all, could become green again.  I’d seen it.  All you had to have was some rain.  Some sun.  The right conditions and anything could thrive.

The right conditions.

What a laugh.

No.  There shouldn’t be any grass here.

There shouldn’t be anything here except perhaps field of nothingness.  Dead things.  Corpses left piled left and right to mark the battles we’d fought, something to mark the battles we lost…

And maybe a marker.

Something ugly and bleak to mark what I had lost.

Instead there was green grass.

The ruin of the castle, somehow beautiful despite its decay, rose into the air, a testament to time and to tragedy.

Perhaps that was the marker.

Bending forward, I curled my hand into the pliant green blades and closed my eyes.

I could still taste the snow in the air.

I could still see his face before me.

I could feel his warmth against my skin and that surreal power blasting against my shields.

It had been two years.

Two years since Will had stood before me.


“No!” The panic that had blindly driven her for the past few days was gone.  No Mandy realized.  It wasn’t gone.  It just wasn’t blind any more.  As she hurtled toward Will, past that gaping void that opened into something so terrible her mind didn’t want to accept it, Mandy focused on one thing.  And one thing alone.


She drove her fist into his chest—a pointless sort of punch, but it was all she could do at that moment.  Will’s only reaction was to reach out and cup her face.

Tears were already flowing.

“You son of a bitch.”  She tangled her hands in his hair—white as the fallen snow, softer than the finest silk.  It felt oddly warm, almost alive.  She jerked his head toward hers, pressed her brow to his.  Her heart was breaking. “You can’t do this to me. Don’t you know what you’re doing?”

 “Yes.” His voice was gentle and that hurt her even more. “Because I’m doing it to me as well. But you must understand. This, you, me…it could have never happened. Happiness was something I was never meant to have. And you would have made me happy.”

When he kissed her, Mandy thought she would die.  If pain alone could kill an angel, in that moment, her heart would have stopped.

She wished it would have.

 “If I could have let myself,” Will murmured softly. “I would have loved you.”

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Misery’s Way: A Kit Colbana World short story

Releases today!

This story is set in Kit Colbana’s world.  It’s loosely connected, but can be read as a stand-alone.  

MiserysWay300 (1)A Kit Colbana World Short Story

Her name is Frankie. At least, that’s what she calls herself.

She looks human, but she’s no more human than she is a faith-healer. That doesn’t stop her from using her…more unique abilities to take care of certain needs. It’s those abilities that lead to a chance encounter with an unusual woman in Florida.

It’s a chance encounter with fate that will set these two down a collision course with destiny.



“It’s crowded tonight.”

I glanced up at the man who’d slipped up to join me.  I stood just outside the curtain of the tent.  Through the slit, I could peer inside and the darkness of the night kept them from seeing me.  It was one of the few remaining moments of solitude, of peace, that I’d have for the rest of the night.

Saleel’s presence didn’t disturb that solitude.

He was as welcome as the whisper of air against my skin, as the twinkle of stars overhead.

He was a reminder of what I did have—even if I didn’t have something as simple and coveted as humanity, I had my life.  I had freedom.  And I had him as my companion.

We shared a moment of comfortable silence before I looked back inside.

“You’re restless,” he said after another moment.

I wasn’t surprised he’d noticed.  Saleel noticed everything.

I slanted a look up at him.  “I guess I’m getting bored here.  Ready to move on.  Have you scouted out the next spot?”

Saleel lifted one shoulder.  “Yes.  Montana.  I tire of the heat.”

“Montana?”  I grimaced and mentally shuddered.  Summer was rapidly drawing to a close.  That would mean cold.  Snow.  Worse…ice.  “I hate the cold.”

I’d spent many of my earliest years in the muggy heat of America’s south—or in the heart of Africa.  Some of those years that hadn’t been spent…elsewhere.  Heat was simply bred into my bones.  I could handle the cold, but that didn’t mean I liked it.

Saleel’s teeth flashed white in the faintest of smiles when he glanced at me.  “Then perhaps next time when I ask you if you have a preference, you should give me an answer.  Instead, you say, Do whatever you want, Sal.”

He managed an imitation of my voice that was almost dead-on.

I stuck my tongue out at him.

He went back to staring into tent.  “Offer your tongue again, my angel, and I will make use of it.”

Yeah.  Right.

The two of us were like gasoline and fire and we both knew it.  Combustible—and dangerous.

“Promises, promises,” I said lightly and then I eased closer, bracing my shoulder on the lightweight metal of the door frame, gazing deeper into the tent.

Saleel was right.

I was restless.

But I hadn’t yet figured out why.

A hot summer wind caressed the back of my neck.  I enjoyed it while I could.  Once I got inside, the air would be stifling. Already, I was dreading it.  I could smell the heat of too many bodies and the air was thick with sweat.  Heavy with despair.

Hope clung to many of the people who awaited me but hope was a capricious bitch. I could all but hear the cackling, gleeful laugh as she darted from one person to another, crooning…you don’t really think this will work, do you?  You’re going to die…you’re all going to die…

Fans churned from all corners, laboriously whirring away.  They did little to cool the temperature, but at least the air kept moving.

It wasn’t the heat, though, that plagued me.  It wasn’t even the promise of death.  People died.  It was simply part of life.  It wasn’t the despair or the misery—the hunger inside me reached for that, but that wasn’t what made me restless.

“It’s time,” Saleel murmured.

I nodded.

But still, I didn’t move, searching inside the tent.


“I’m going.”  I took a deep breath and reached deep inside for the well of calm that would carry me through when I took another’s pain inside me.  I craved pain—fed on it.  That didn’t mean it was pleasant.

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