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So. AWESOME news…

For me, at least!

J.C. Daniels will be attending Dragon*Con in 2015! I’m so excited!


9.4.15 – 9.7.15




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Razed…another snippet


“I knew you were naked under this. I knew it.”

“How?” She blushed even deeper as he cupped her breast and stroked his thumb across her nipple.

“Instinct.” He flashed her a grin. “And it was driving me crazy.”

The blouse caught around her waist as he turned, sat on the bed and guided her to kneel between his thighs. She was naked from the waist up. Leaning back, he let himself feast on the beauty of her, on the elegance of her tattoos scrolled up her arms, the way they swirled along her shoulders and down her upper chest to stop just above the slopes of her breasts.

He traced the lines of the rose that bloomed on her neck and pressed his mouth to it, male satisfaction rolling through him as she shuddered. He’d needed this, needed to feel her shaking as he touched her, needed to feel how much she wanted him. Was it as much as he wanted her? Could she ever want him that much?

He’d do his damnedest to make it happen, to brand himself on her as indelibly as those incredibly sexy tattoos.

More tattoos started along her sides and he tried to trace them only to get caught in the shirt. “Clearly, I didn’t think this through.” Easing her back, he stood up and grasped the shirt, pulling it upward. She lifted her arms to help him and he folded it, placed it on the table near the bed, before he went back to stroking his fingers along the tattoos, determined to memorize each and every line, every stroke, every curve, every swirl.

“You act like you haven’t seen them before.”

He looked up at her, smiling slowly. “The shower doesn’t count. I didn’t have my glasses, so I couldn’t see everything. And you wouldn’t let me play.” He slid his finger along the vine that started under her left breast. “Now I’m going to play.”

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Razed…available now!



“I knew I didn’t want dating advice from you two.” She was not going to discuss sex with Javi standing right there. She wasn’t. Absolutely not.

“Hey, this isn’t bad advice. Besides . . . you know how bad an idea it is to get drunk around a guy you don’t know.”

An ugly headache started to pound at the base of her skull. Yes. Keelie knew full well how bad an idea that was. But all she said was, “That’s why I don’t generally drink when I’m going out on a first . . . or even a second or third date.” She didn’t drink much and when she did, it was only within the company of friends.

Anais waved a hand. “Just order a beer at the bar. That’s all you need. One drink. You’ll loosen up a little. Now . . . the most important thing . . . and I mean it, this is serious shit.”

Keelie lifted a brow. “You understand the concept of serious, Ani?”

“Absolutely. But only in reference to men and metal.” Anais did take metal seriously.  As the only piercer they had on staff at Steel Ink, that was a good thing.  She excelled at her job.  And the men definitely loved her.  “Now, are you listening to me or not?”

“I’m all ears.” And she was. Considering that Anais actually looked halfway serious, Keelie wanted to know just what would her friend considered serious.

“So am I.”

Keelie shot Javi a look. Part of her suspected she should make him to leave. There was no telling what would come out of Anais’s mouth. She had no filter. None. But Javi was like a brother to her and if what Anais had to say was going to embarrass her, it would likely embarrass Javi, too. Keelie believed in sharing the misery.

Unaffected by Javi’s presence, Anais pinned Keelie with a wide, direct stare. “Listen, no matter what, no matter how hot you think this guy is—and he is hot, I’ve seen him—no matter how hot he is, you can’t give him a blow job on the first date.”

The bell over the front door jingled, shattering the silence that had fallen after Anais’s declaration.

She might have said something—anything—to ease the embarrassment crawling through her.

But then she heard a familiar voice.

“Hey . . . anybody around?”

That embarrassment exploded and, suddenly, she had a hard time breathing. Her heart raced. Blood crashed in her ears. Her hands felt hot and sweaty.

“Did you hear me, Keelie?” Anais asked, lifted a brow. The hoop there caught the line, shining back. “No blow—”

Blow jobs. She clapped her hand over Anais’s mouth just as Zane Barnes appeared in the doorway. Yes. It was exactly who she’d thought it was. Anais was going on about blow jobs and now—

An image formed in her mind. Full-blown, so detailed it might have actually happened, and larger than life.

Stop it, she mentally shrieked. Stop it right now.

Like it had happened yesterday, she could feel his hands on her, the way he’d covered her mouth as she came, muffling her cries, the way he’d twisted his fingers inside her, playing her body like he’d been born to do just that. His mouth on hers.

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Christmas Cards for soldiers

Interested in sending some cards to soldiers?  Take a name (or more) below.

Please do NOT share to facebook!
Tim Luedecking (main contact 150 in his unit)
4th Sustainment Brigade
TF Wrangler Bagram AFB
APO AE 09354-9998

Roy Banzon (they have 20 in their unit 7 females, they gave me first names for the women, write to either of these men under their name put share or the female name)
MSG Fernando Marquez

AFS BN Qatar
Unit 530
APO,AE 09898

Jorge Baeza
Unit 15817
APO,AP 96257-5817

this young soldier is stateside he is in Texas hid dad is a Marine Vietnam Vet 19 years old

E1 Kade McCammon
F- 5155
527 I AVE
Unit 2488
Sheppard AFB TX 76311

Wayne Simonsen
PSC 2 Bos 6431
APO,AE 09012

Matthew Butler
PSC 63
PO BOX 001
APO,AE 09397-0001

okay finally names from John’s unit

SPC Acevedo
SPC Wendrick
PFC Angaangan
PFC Morris
SSG Bowden

396 TC
Camp Buehring
APO,AE 09330


Razed… couple of days…


“So, this place. You want me to meet you there. For coffee.”

“Yeah.” She angled her chin up.

It made him want to bite her, kiss her, hug her, cuddle her. That cocky, almost brash exterior . . . what did it hide, he wondered? Sweeping his thumb across her mouth, he murmured, “And just why are we meeting for coffee? You just like caffeine?”

“If you’re going to be an asshole,” she started.

He cut the rest of her words off with his mouth.

She’d answered his question. He’d just wanted a chance. Now, taking advantage of her already parted lips, he slanted his head and licked the inside of her mouth, sliding one hand up to cup her cheek, angling her head back.

With his other hand, he cupped her hip. Only her hip, because it would be so very easy to try for more.

Everything inside him pushed for that.

But he wasn’t going to rush this.

Not this, of all things.

He slid his tongue along hers, growled when she caught him and sucked him just a little. Dark, dirty little thoughts raced through him as he imagined her doing that to his cock. His fingers tightened on her hip and she swayed, leaning closer.

The sound of her moan pierced the fog and he forced himself to end the kiss, bit by bit. His heart was racing when it was done and his muscles were tight with the urge to grab, take . . . keep.

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