How much of a book addict

If you’re here, more than likely, you’re addicted.  I think the quiz is rigged.  I’m much more addicted than this.     You can take the quiz here. There’s a book tour going on with the release of BREAK FOR ME…you can hit the blogs and get more chances to win. First stop is here. […]

Break For Me…now available

Keep up with the Bell family…Jensen’s story is now available   “How was your weekend?” “Enchanting.”  That slow smile tugged at his lips and he asked, “Yours?” She had to give the man credit.  With a lazy smile and a simple word, he turned her heart to putty and also managed to make her clench […]

Wanna win?

From BREAK FOR ME… Everything else in the world spiraled away and she lost herself to just the sensations and the pleasure. Her feet hit the ground and she snarled as he let her go. But all he did was reach for the waistband of her jeans.  “You’re overdressed.” Falling back against the door, she […]

Break for Me…one more day!

For those who celebrate, I hope you had a lovely Easter. We went to sunrise service at church, then had a family pitch with all my brothers, their wives, the kids, my mom… Comics & movies were discussed. “Who is best…Thor, Superman, the Wolverine or the Hulk…”…then we moved on to the topic of…”Would the […]


We have a winner a Rafflecopter giveaway If you didn’t win but still wanna read it, it will be out in less than two months. **Note…excerpt is from my editing copy-may contain typos Rattling.  Metal rattling and clinking.  Courtesy dictated that she leave and she looked around once more for Noah, but he wasn’t in […]

Insta-love and building bridges

Kindle   H/T to Pearl for giving me a blog topic today!  I sometimes run out of steam when it’s near/around release time because…well, nerves.  FYI, just a reminder, though, there are only a few hours to enter for the ARC of DEEPER THAN NEED. This is more of a writer/storytelling/craft ramble. On twitter a […]