My names have been chosen… thank you! UTA, 8.17.2013

Get Protected…

Ya know…it’s getting tricky trying to come up with a theme for these blog things.  Anyway.

Want to help spread the word about my upcoming release, The Protected?

I’m looking for a few good bloggers to help me out here.

It will involve things like this widget (I’ll get you the code), Rafflecopter (I’ll get that code, too) and some prizes.  Participating bloggers will be entered for a cool prize from Shiloh, your readers will have a chance to win a GC & a cool bag of prizes (bloggers are welcome to enter, too, but there’s a special prize just for the bloggers) from me and I’ll get all the information to you once I have the dates hammered out.

If you’re interested, please leave your name and blog addy below.

Depending on interest, I’ll select the names and be in touch with the bloggers chosen.

The prize for the bloggers who help spread the word on The Protected?

The names of those who help out will go into a pot and I’ll draw a name or names, depending on participation. The winner(s) will receive an ARC of Broken Blade, delivered in PDF, sometime in October. That’s one month before it will go up on Netgalley.

(There will be a few ARCs of Broken Blade just randomly given away closer to release time, so if you don’t blog, I am keeping you in mind. It’s just not time yet. Thank you!)