Can I sponsor your bookclub?


Pretty please?


If you belong to a book club, I’m interested in donating books for your club to read/discuss.

There are some requirements and some info to keep in mind.

  • I can only do one book club a month
  • I won’t necessarily be doing this every month.
  • If your bookclub is selected,  members agree to review the book chosen, either on goodreads, Amazon, blogs (all is fine, a combination is fine…not every member needs to post reviews, etc but it needs to be more than just one member. )
  • I’m open to the idea of providing books internationally, but those books will likely have to be ebooks that are either from my epubs or my selfpub books.  This is for a variety of reasons, including DRM and shipping logistics.  I hope you understand. Please note, DRM is something I have no control over and I hope to see it die a natural death at some point in the near future.  But again, I have no control so please don’t be mad at me.
  • An online presence is helpful… goodreads, twitter, etc.  It doesn’t have to be a website/blog for the club itself, but if several of the members blog, tweet, etc and are up for discussing the book, that’s awesome.  The more, the merrier!
  • The book selection isn’t a free-for-all.  Some of my books are more readily available than others.  I’m willing to work to provide print or ebook (provided I have that option *note the info about DRM* but some books aren’t as easy to obtain in print as others.
  • It’s preferrable that if the book club doesn’t meet in person (ie; an internet book club) that the members be willing to take the book in ebook format, versus shipping books out to 15-20 different addresses.
  • I will handle the shipping.

Again, keep in mind, in exchange for me providing the books to the group, I do ask for some reviews…. good or bad, all I want is honest opinions and some word of mouth.

Groups that are open to ebooks are likely to be considered for ARCs, etc, too.  More and more ARCs are going the way of the digital, so please keep that in mind.

I even have a guinea pig…um, test group!  I was talking to Francesca who is a member of my street team. She’s a member of Book Obsessed Chicks and they are going to be reading STOLEN.

Are you a member of a book club?  Think you all might be interested?  You can leave your info in comments or email me at shilohwalker2011(at)  I’ll need the name of the book club, whether you meet in person and how many members are involved.  If you tend to focus on a certain genre or format, info like that is helpful since I write in a variety of genres and have books from both digital and traditional publishers.

Also, please note… this isn’t a contest. ;)  This isn’t a ‘odds are determined by number of entries’ and there isn’t anything needed to do to ‘enter’ per se.  I’m going to try and switch things around, be as fair as I can, but I can only provide so many copies.

Whether or not this will be a monthly, or even a regular thing just depends on how well it goes.

What I’m trying to do right now is gauge interest, see if there is interest in it.  Going forward, what I might do (assuming there is interest) is post books that I’d like to donate (I need to clear up some space) and then after that, I might start taking suggestions.



    24 April, 2013    

    I think sponsoring a book club is a “novel” idea,if I was involved in a smaller one I would look into this more,currently in PRG,which is Paranormal Reading Group on FB,and there are over a hundred people in that group……. You have a good heart Shiloh………..(if you want to join us,I can probably get you in !)

  2. Christine Houser's Gravatar Christine Houser
    24 April, 2013    

    I am an avid reader and whatever books I get I review and then donate to my local library so others can enjoy. If you want me to review any I will be more than happy to.

  3. 24 April, 2013    

    @Christine, this is for book clubs only, I’m sorry!.

    I do a lot of calls for reviews, etc when it’s time for new releases and I run a lot of contests, though, so you’re welcome to enter any of those. A lot of them are via goodreads or just here on the blog.

    @Ruth, I can’t provide that many copies, but if they wanted to do a raffle of sorts or first-to-sign up, it’s still an option. I don’t plan on joining any of the groups that sign up for this, because I still limit my facebook/goodreads time, etc, but you’re welcome to talk it over with the group and see if they are interested.

  4. Colleen's Gravatar Colleen
    24 April, 2013    

    I am in 2 online book clubs both “run” by author CJ Ellison. We like to get books to review and she usually facilitates so she would be the contact.,

  5. Heather MacKenzie's Gravatar Heather MacKenzie
    24 April, 2013    

    We have a group on-line and we all have e-readers and a lot of fans of your work and a few who have just been introduced. We would love to be a part of your book club sponsorship.

  6. 25 April, 2013    

    Yayyyy for guinea pigs! LOL

  7. 25 April, 2013    

    Thanks so much Shiloh for taking Book Obsessed Chicks on. We are very happy to help…. LOL Guinea pigs aren’t a bad thing Francesca, huh?…. LOL

  8. 25 April, 2013    


    I am emailing you right this minute.

    And Shiloh, thanks for thinking of us!! =)

  9. 25 April, 2013    

    We do a monthly book club at our library called Bookmarks. We make book club kits (we offer physical and digital copies of the book via eReaders we circulate to patrons). After the book club has met, the kits circulate to other libraries and local book clubs for discussions and meetings. We might be interested in adding one of your titles as a kit or as a discussion. Next week, we will be having a meeting to determine the next six months’ worth of book club titles to select. Let me know if you are interested for consideration. If you donate the titles, we would almost certainly choose you because it would free up money to choose more expensive books (like newer hardcovers) for the other dates. Thanks!

  10. vashti amat's Gravatar vashti amat
    1 May, 2013    

    Hi Shiloh,I am in a bookclub that meets monthly in my home.We are a group of usu 7-8 ladies who reads all types of romances.We pick an author of the month,read,then review their works.We would love for you to sponsor our group..THE RIP LIN LADIES READING CLUB.Thanks for thinking this up and we would be happy to read and review your works.

  11. 7 May, 2013    

    I have a smaller book club, about 4 regular attendees. I know at least two of us are on goodreads, not sure about the other two. But we would love to read one of your books!

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