WRECKED… Book trailer… and a chance to win an ARC

It’s Valentine’s Day.  I’ll do a giveaway. Wanna win an ARC of WRECKED? This one is easy. Kept one on hand just for my blog readers.

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  1. 14 February, 2013    

    Ooh I already have some ink – it’s a cute tribal dragon, but I am thinking of getting more :)

  2. Reee's Gravatar Reee
    14 February, 2013    

    Something small and just for me. Maybe a flowering vine.

  3. Nazarene Chatelain's Gravatar Nazarene Chatelain
    14 February, 2013    

    If I were to get a tat, I would probably get a heart with my son’s name in it. He is my heart. My husband has to take a back seat to him!

  4. Zita R's Gravatar Zita R
    14 February, 2013    

    If I would get a tattoo it would be something small perhaps a flower or a celtic design that I find meaningful.

  5. leisa prater's Gravatar leisa prater
    14 February, 2013    

    If i got a tattoo it would be a blue rose!!!!

  6. 14 February, 2013    

    Great trailer ~ The Tattoo is freaking awesome!

  7. bn100's Gravatar bn100
    14 February, 2013    

    I like the trailer.

  8. AmyR's Gravatar AmyR
    14 February, 2013    

    If I got another tattoo it would be a tree or a bluenote.

  9. Tracy Harris's Gravatar Tracy Harris
    14 February, 2013    

    If I got a tattoo I would get a Penguin. I think they are beautiful creatures and I collect them as salt and peper shakers.

  10. Diane's Gravatar Diane
    14 February, 2013    

    The wings of an angel, that’s what I would like.

  11. Wendy's Gravatar Wendy
    14 February, 2013    

    my name as a chinese character.

  12. Stephanie G's Gravatar Stephanie G
    14 February, 2013    

    If I were going to get a tatoo, it would probably be something related to reading like a book and some butterflies or something like that.

  13. 15 February, 2013    

    Yes, please.

    I can be polite and everything!

  14. 15 February, 2013    

    Funny you ask I want one but I have NO IDeas what to get,,,its been a few years thinking!LOL LOL thanks for the giveaway!!

  15. bwyatt's Gravatar bwyatt
    15 February, 2013    

    I have a little half moon and star on my shoulder blade. Helps remind me to keep dreaming!

  16. Sarah Weaver's Gravatar Sarah Weaver
    15 February, 2013    

    I saw the video for this book and was sad to see it wasn’t out yet.

  17. elizabeth gray's Gravatar elizabeth gray
    16 February, 2013    

    If I were to get a tattoo, it would either be an unicorn, or a butterfly for breast cancer I have for my Mom who survived breast cancer.

  18. Ireana Longoria's Gravatar Ireana Longoria
    16 February, 2013    

    I have 3 words: Love, War, and Honor

  19. MK's Gravatar MK
    16 February, 2013    

    great trailer!
    I like others’ tattoos of animals

  20. Alexandrea Ward's Gravatar Alexandrea Ward
    16 February, 2013    

    I just recently got a tattoo, a big one, on my left side. It goes from near the left to middle of my back and flows to the front left hip. I only have the outline right now, but it’s two lotus flowers (one slightly closed and one open) and a mandala. Not sure what colors I’ll be getting yet.

  21. Sue Peace's Gravatar Sue Peace
    17 February, 2013    

    I’m looking forward to this one!

  22. Anddeea's Gravatar Anddeea
    17 February, 2013    

    If I would get a tattoo it’ll be pretty small and I don’t really know, maybe it’ll have some ancient meaning, maybe some Egyptian meaning since I’m in love with Egypt.

  23. Gabrielle's Gravatar Gabrielle
    17 February, 2013    

    I have a blue butterfly on my upper thigh and am looking to get a dragon next.

  24. donnas's Gravatar donnas
    19 February, 2013    

    I dont know. I have thought about it for a number of years but have never been able to decide which is most likely why I dont have one.

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