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  1. ErickaS ErickaS
    10 February, 2013    

    Can’t wait to read Wrecked!! If I were to get a tattoo it would probably be on my back/shoulder area. I’m to chicken to make the commitment though. :)

  2. Liz H. Liz H.
    10 February, 2013    

    I’m not sure what type of tatoo I’d get; the most recent tatoo I saw that I liked was two lines of crylic writing with a Kurt Vonnegut quote, small, just under the shoulder blade.

  3. Michelle K Michelle K
    10 February, 2013    

    I wouldn’t get a tattoo, so it’s moot. For someone else, a tiger tattoo

  4. Patty Patty
    10 February, 2013    

    Looking forward to this book. Already have a tatoo from years ago and still love it. Its around my ankle and its sunflowers (my fav flower) connected by vines. Very pretty. Always wanted another one and if i did it would be a blue butterfly (like the one in the Lunesta commercials) on the inside of my wrist!

  5. Viki S. Viki S.
    10 February, 2013    

    Wouldn’t happen. I had a fit about the three dot tats they put on me for radiation therapy. I do like many of them that are on other people.

  6. 10 February, 2013    

    I don´t want to get a tattoo. But I want to read this book very much…

  7. DeeCee DeeCee
    10 February, 2013    

    I got the Metallica symbol when I was 21. :) I still want to get the Tolkien LOTR quote, “Not all who wander are lost.”

  8. bn100 bn100
    10 February, 2013    

    would get a butterfly

  9. Zita R Zita R
    10 February, 2013    

    If I were to get a tattoo would be something small and unique, not sure what though, perhaps a flower or maybe a celtic symbol.

  10. Timitra Timitra
    11 February, 2013    

    If I was to get a tattoo it would be a quote of some sort!

  11. Amy Amy
    11 February, 2013    

    OMG I want me some!

  12. Amy Amy
    11 February, 2013    

    I would get a trio of raindrops to remind me of my homeland…Ireland!

  13. Ren Ren
    13 February, 2013    

    I don’t have tattoo and not plan to have one. But maybe if I get a chance to have tattoo, I want a dragon or rose with vines. And I will tattoed it in my back 😀

  14. 14 February, 2013    

    Well I tried to leave a blog comment but can’t find the blog so sorry my entry is null & void unless you can tell me where to go to naswer the tattoo question. Angela M.

  15. 14 February, 2013    

    Oooh I comment here? Oopsie. So I have one on my inner right wrist, getting a cross and rose on my inner left wrist, a support ribbon butterfly on my right calf and a rose on back of neck


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