Counting down…

No…not to the New Year.   Beautiful Scars releases soon, and I’m counting down to that…Two weeks! I’ll be posting random snippets and giving away random prizes.  How to win? Just enter via the widget, and make sure you check back. Two seconds later, he was reaching for her. Stunned, she couldn’t think. As his […]

Friday Flashbacks…Touch of Gypsy Fire

Kindle   “Elf.” “Look there, see the ears? Oh, my stars, see her eyes?” The voices blended into the background as she took a step closer, one hand straying to her neck, stroking the amulet there. The mortal shook his head, smiling slightly as he retreated back to his table in the corner. The guard’s […]

A saturday Snippet… late…

We went out of town and in the rush, I forgot to post this.  Oops… sorry! It’s about endings… from WRECKED… “Anything to say, Zach?” she whispered, looking up into his eyes. His lashes flickered and for a second, she thought he was going to make this easy, but all he did was reach up […]

26 Acts

Kindle   I’ve been in a rut all week.  The tragedy in Newtown hit me really hard…I think it’s done the same to a lot of people, especially parents.  We look at those little faces and see our own. I see baby bratlet echoed in all of them and I hurt.  She’s only six…I made […]

It’s a sad sort of weekend…

The news about what happened in Connecticut is probably riding hard on the minds of many this weekend. I found myself logging into facebook last night and a lot of the ‘funny’ posts that normally have me giggling just had me sighing and I ended up logging back out without doing much more than a […]