The Hunters Boxed Set Books 1-5


Contains books 1-5 of the Hunters series
The Hunters Declan and Tori
Tori McAdams was a sensible woman. She didn’t believe in hocus-pocus and she definitely didn’t believe in vampires…not until the night she was attacked by one. Alone, starving and afraid, she doesn’t know what’s happening but at least she had somebody to turn to. Declan Reilly was normally the last person she’d go to for help, but now the sexy cop is first on her list…

The Hunters: Eli and Sarel
Three centuries is a long time to spend alone…but Elijah Crawford is used to it. He’s got his friends, he’s got thugs to kill, and a mild obsession with an on-and-off again lover to keep him occupied. But then a woman appears in his dark world, one who just might bring some light to those endless nights. Just one look makes him hunger. Just one glimpse makes him burn.

The Hunters: Byron and Kit
“Kit will want what she wants…” Truer words were never spoken…and she wants Byron, the Master vampire she swore to serve. Too bad he doesn’t want her…or does he? Byron wants her. But he made a promise to care for her. Caring for her doesn’t involve doing all the dirty, delicious things he imagines doing. Determined to keep his promise, he sends her away. But Kit will want what she wants…

The Hunters Jonathan and Lori
“You want a fairy tale prince. I’m the monster from the fairy tale.” Lori isn’t looking for a prince and sexy werewolf Jonathan isn’t a monster. Very often he can be pigheaded and he has more than his share of personal demons. But a monster? Not quite. Of course, Lori, the local healer, knows he’s not going to believe that…

The Hunters: Ben and Shadoe
A skilled warrior and a Hunter with unique abilities, Benjamin Cross has spent years on a personal quest. Decades after a betrayal tore his pack apart, he has finally found the missing child who disappeared all those years ago. But now that he has found her, she’s not exactly what he’d expected.

Warning: The above titles contain violence, women with attitude, men who like women with attitude, sex, the occasional menage, more violence, profanity, sex, dirty talk, bad guys, bad girls, broody heroes, vampires, werewolves and witches, oh, my…oh, and did I mention the sex…there’a a lot of sex.


Jonathan could feel her eyes on him as she finished the task of closing the wound as he drifted up from the healing slumber, feeling revived, refreshed, hungry. The major healing had been removing the ice of the other witch’s magick from his body.

Closing the wound was child’s play to her.

Opening his eyes, he met her gaze and felt his mouth curl into a hungry smile.

“I like the way your eyes feel on me—I like knowing you watch me,” he murmured. Taking her hand, he pressed it flat to his belly and held it there.

“Stop it.” She swallowed thickly as she slowly moved her eyes up the line of his body, tugging her hand out from under his, trailing the tips of her fingers over his side before folding her hand into a fist that she held in her lap. “I’ve been watching you for years. You’ve never given a damn before. And on the rare occasion you did, it only pissed you off.”

“Because I wanted you too much,” he said hotly, reaching out and sliding his hand up the side of her thigh where she knelt beside him. “And those sweet, innocent eyes that followed me everywhere.”

Her eyes sliced across to meet his, narrowed and angry. “I am tired of being called sweet and innocent.” The air between them was all but vibrating with her anger, Jonathan could feel it. “I lost my innocence years ago, once I realized what I would be expected to do when I joined an enclave. And I’m only sweet in your eyes. Eli knows I can be a veritable shrew. Sarel thinks I’m a bitch and a half. To everybody else, I am just me. Only you label me as sweet and innocent and then bother to call me by name. Bloody hell, I spent several years wondering if you even knew it. All I ever heard was she is too sweet, too soft for this life.”

“I always knew your name. I’ve been whispering it in my sleep from the time I met you,” Jonathan rasped, rolling to his knees and catching her face in his hands, tilting her chin up. Her lips parted and she tried to jerk her head away, but he covered her mouth with his and plunged his tongue inside, sliding his hands down the line of her back and rocking his cock against the soft curve of her belly.

With a furious, muffled curse, she tore her mouth from his, and wedged her hands between them. “Whispering it, and probably cursing it,” she laughed bitterly, her eyes sharp as glass as she stared up at him. “I’ve lost count how many times you tried to send me back to Excelsior, how many times you tried to convince Eli and Sarel that I wasn’t fit for this life.”

“Because you were too damn tempting, and I didn’t want to give in. I didn’t want to have to fight myself every time I saw that pretty face or smelled your sweet body,” he growled, lowering his face and burying it in the curve of her neck, raking his teeth along the curve. Against his chest, he could feel the hot burning stab of her nipples and hear the pounding of her heart, feel her pulse against his mouth as he sucked a patch of delicate skin.

“I’m not begging you, not now, not ever,” Lori rasped, trying to arch back out of his grasp. All she succeeded in doing, though, was pressing her pelvis against his cock and making him groan as she wiggled and undulated against him.

Moving his lips up to her ear, he murmured, “What about if I am willing to beg you?
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