Grimm's End - 2020 Reissue, image of a man's face, close up with focys on the eye.He would walk into hell for her. Hell’s not willing to let him back out.

Grimm’s Circle, Book 9

Years have passed since Will flung himself headlong into demon central. Everyone has told Mandy he’s lost to them, but she still won’t believe it. He was her heart and soul—still is—even if he never admitted they belonged together.

When a friend is nearly torn through a rip between the worlds, Mandy gets the sign she’s hoped and prayed for. Her friend is thrust back through to safety by no other than Will himself.

With all hell breaking loose on earth, only two Grimm can be spared for the mission to retrieve their leader—Mandy and the only other Grimm crazy enough to go with her.

Will would forget the color of the sky before he’d forget the love of all his lives. But his time is done. It’s only a matter of which demon will finally destroy him.

He never thought his final moments would be haunted by Mandy’s face. But is it a fitting punishment, or one last chance to atone for crimes he committed so long ago?

Warning: This book contains too much angst, too many secrets, and two people who long to be together. It’s also the end of a long, fun ride. Thanks for taking it.


The words died as his skin started to prickle.

Slowly, he lifted his head.

He wasn’t the only staring out into the night.

Slowly, he turned, searching for the source of the disturbance.

He caught a glimpse of a shadow out in the night. The brilliant lights coming from the worksight back in the distance made everything else seem so much darker, but he could make out Tag’s form.

He looked at Greta, reassured himself. She was there. She was fine. She was safe.

The air went tight.

Then there was a scream.

It might have come from Tag, because he saw the young one stumble.

But it could have come from Rip himself. He stared, his body frozen. In the span of a heartbeat, one of the smaller rents formed in the air—an inky black blot upon the darkness of night. It formed right behind Greta and snaked out.

Her mouth opened—a scream ripping out as she was jerked back.

Rip lunged.

Something knocked him back.

Greta tried to claw free.

The rip was closing in—she disappeared.

Rip screamed.

For those few moments, his entire world ended and his heart disappeared.


A dark shadow appeared. Blood spilled into Rip’s eyes, coming from a wound he didn’t realize he had. There was a form in that rent, the doorway into the void. No. Two forms.

Greta came flying out.

She landed on top of him and he grabbed her, clutching at him.

But she tried to tear away from him, screaming.

“Let me go!” she shouted.


“It was Will!”

The rip closed.

Even as they both lunged, there was deep blast—something that echoed on a plain they couldn’t see.

They felt it though.

The blast knocked them all to their knees—and then, briefly, unconscious.

When they came to, there was one less breech in the world.

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