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Hunters: Interlude

Books 3 & 4

The Hunters – Byron and Kit Book 3

She was the one woman he swore he’d never have…and the only one he wanted.

The Hunters – Jonathan and Lori Book 4

Though the need for her burns in his very soul, Jonathan, Hunter of the Council, refuses to accept Lori, the enclave’s Healer.

Feeling he does not deserve her, he fears the darkness in his being will destroy them both.

When Jonathan is injured, they are thrown together. She is touching him, tempting him…

Byron & Kit, Book 3

Melissa sat staring at Kit with heart broken eyes.

Kit hated her. Not for any particular reason. Melissa was nice, pretty, she had a sweet heart, she was sharp, and she had been through a rough time, otherwise she wouldn’t be here.

A Hunter’s home tended to be a fortress on the outside, but the inside was a veritable enclave of wounded souls, where the Hunter brought people he wasn’t sure what else to do with.

Enclave….that was what they were, an enclave. Made up of the warriors who surrounded the outside and protected the vampire during the day while he slept, and those who acted as food and sex partners while he was awake.

Byron had brought Melissa here three years ago. For a year, she hadn’t been able to even look at another person without fear in her eyes. She’d had moved past that. And in the second year, she had learned that she could take care of herself. And in the third, Byron had taken her into his bed.

That was why Kit hated her.

And Byron, being the bastard he was, had even made sure Kit saw it. She had walked into, thinking he had business to discuss and instead she had been audience to a blow job. Granted, somebody had told her the wrong fucking time. He had wanted to talk to her in a couple of hours, but for crying out loud.

Well, it really wasn’t his fault.

She could still remember it, how Melissa had sucked on Byron’s cock, and how much Kit wanted to be the one doing it. Byron had opened his eyes, he had known she was there and glared at her. “Do you mind, Kit?”

“Not at all, Byron. I like to watch,” she had drawled. Well, she hadn’t ever really watched anything before, but she hadn’t really been able to leave.

His fangs flashed and she suspected part of him wanted to tell her to get the fuck out. But another part was aroused. He had gripped Melissa head’s tightly and started to rock his hips faster, forcing his cock harder and harder into her mouth until he came. Kit’s sharp sense of smell caught it on the air and she stared at him, so hot she burned.

He’d made his human pass out. “That’s the bad thing about humans, Byron. They just can’t handle as much,” Kit said.

Jonathan & Lori, Book 4

Jonathan wasn’t having a very good day.

His back was aching, his head ached, he was hungrier than hell, hornier than he had ever been, blood was seeping from a ragged gash in his side, there was a full moon coming, and he was itching to go run.
And Lori was staring up at him with those wide sea-green eyes and her hair was spilling down around her shoulders as she tended the deep gash in his side that he’d received while out on patrol.

As she deftly probed the injury with gentle hands, she said, “This isn’t healing like it ought to. What made it?”

Shortly, he answered, “Something sharp.”

Clucking her tongue, she placed her hand over it and he winced as burning, healing heat leapt from her body and into his. “No need to get nasty. What made it?”


Her full mouth firmed into a thin, narrow line and her eyes went flat. “Have you told Eli?”

“Not yet.” He clenched his teeth as the heat intensified and spread upward from his side, and down, chasing the myriad aches and pains, seeking and finding them, soothing them away.

All but one…

His cock ached, his body hungered for hers. Sweet, sweet Lori, with her wide green eyes and that fall of red curls…too soft and sweet for him.

“You need to let him know.”

Her soft, throaty voice broke into his reverie and he glanced down into her eyes. “I will. When he gets back from Paris with Sarel. They haven’t taken any time alone together in years. They need this.”

“I can—”

“No. I know you can speak to both of them and I don’t need you to. Eli is my master and if I needed him, he would know, whether I wished it or not.” He narrowed his eyes at the young witch staring up at him and said warningly, “He left me in charge, Lori. Contacting him is defying me. Defying me is defying him.”

With a muffled “Hurrumph,” she turned on her heel and stalked away to dispose of the rags she had used to clean his wounds. “He needs to know it’s happening again.”

“Damn, girl, do you think he doesn’t? This is his territory. It happened here. He knew the moment it happened.” Jonathan stood slowly, stretching his arms overhead, feeling the pull of newly healing skin and passing aches. Sliding Lori’s rounded backside a look as she bent over her cabinet and tidied up, he muffled a groan.

“Eli knows everything that happens on his land. He is connected to it, in ways we will never understand.” Jonathan felt blood start to pound slowly through his veins, in slow hot waves. A growl was building in his chest and he ached…

An itching was settling along his spine, in his palms, as the beast inside him tried to rouse in response to his hunger, but he pushed it down inside.


He lifted his head and met her eyes, staring at her in silence. Her scent—soft and sweet—vanilla, lavender, and woman. Damn it.

He wanted her. He had for the past seven years, since she had first come to Eli’s enclave. In the depths of her sea-green eyes, he could see his reflection as he stared hungrily at her. The pulse in her neck leapt to life as she looked up at him and licked her lips, the room filling with the scent of her body growing ripe with arousal.

She was far too aware of him, Jonathan knew that. And he wanted her far too much for his own good.

He always had, always would.

He adored the fiery little hellcat, that sweet little minx.

And she was too damned innocent for the likes of him and his damned black soul.

Without saying a word, he turned on his heel and left.