Please note…these Shiloh Walker books aren’t currently available.  Rights reverted back to me in 2015.  I’m working on reissuing them as quickly as my schedule allows.  They must be reformatted and in some times, rewrites are needed.

They’ll be made available again as quickly as possible.

Back From Hell (digital and print)

Djinn’s Wish  (digital)

Hearts and Wishes  (digital and print)

His Every Desire  (digital; in print anthology Love, Lies and Murder)

Mythe: Vampire  (digital and print)

Nebulous  (digital; in anthology)

Once Upon a Midnight Blue  (digital; in print anthology More Than Magick)

One Night With You  (digital)

Sage  (digital)

Telling Tales  (digital; in print anthology Love, Lies and Murder)

The Dragon’s Woman  (digital; in print anthology Fated)

Under Your Spell  (digital; in print anthology Seasons of Magick)

Whipped Cream & Handcuffs  (reissuing summer 2015 as Seduction in Secret)

Coming in Last (digital and print)

Dreamer (digital and print)

Mythe & Magick (digital and print)

The Dragon’s Warrior (digital; in print in Fated anthology)

Touch of Gypsy Fire (digital and print)

Voyeur (digital)