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Once upon a time…after years of loyal service to his King, Aric, Master of Arms, was left to die after the Great Battle.

Mortally wounded, he stumbles to a witch’s cabin where he happens upon a mystical blue light.

And a magical Black Elf.

The Black Elf and Aric are about to claim vengeance on the King of Edouine for his treachery.

The handsome Master of Arms is finally ready to lay claim to the Princess Amery, whom he has wanted for years

Once Upon a Time….there lived a soldier who had served the king faithfully for many years, but when the war was over…

The King’s face was blood red with rage. Amery kept her face blank. She was afraid of how he would react. She hadn’t told this to Aric, but she was. As she fought to keep from cowering, a now familiar voice slid through her mind, chiding her softly, “Do you think my Master would allow you to suffer any more? The King will not strike out at you, Princesse Amery, Royal of Edouine.” Upon hearing Blue’s voice, the fear faded, and she felt safe—like Blue was there, like Aric was there.

“Since you recall so much of the night, where did this deflowering take place?” Alhdeade demanded.

She shook her head, her hair falling around her shoulders. She made certain she looked suitably shamed and distressed, though her body buzzed with pleasure and joy. “I know not. The servant has wild magicks and I fear he clouded my mind,” she said softly. “But tis no dream. I found markings on my body that could only come from a man’s touch.”

The court physician colored briefly and said humbly, “Her nurse sent for me at the Princesse’s request. She has been mated, and deflowered. Her thighs were stained with her virgin’s blood and a man’s seed.”

She felt her lips curve and she kept her head bowed. If only you knew, physician. There is more seed staining me than just my thighs. Pressing her lips together, she recalled the way Aric had plundered her from behind while Blue had gripped her hair and driven his shaft deep inside her mouth. It should have choked her, logically there was no way she should have been able to tolerate such a massive length down her throat for so long. Heat puddled low in her belly, her thighs clenched and she fought off the need to moan. It only worsened when Blue’s voice whispered in her mind, “Princesse, are you having sweet memories?” and she swore she felt the phantom touch of hands caressing her.