in the Myth-Behaving ebook anthology with Rachel Bo & Bonnie Hamre

Seven hundred years have passed since Azar’s birth. A demon-born incubus, his survival depends on women. Although he doesn’t remember all of his mortal life, he does remember his lost love…Caoilinn.

But he begins to dream of another woman. And demons do not dream. She rekindles the embers of his lost humanity and makes him yearn for things he cannot have.

Kerrigan dreams of him as well, and one night, while he watches her, she whispers his name. A name she can’t possibly know.

A name that will summon a demon…

He was a creature of myth, of legend. One that moved through dreams and nightmares to lay his touch on the minds of women as they slept. With his touch, he could bind her to him, heart and soul…even body, if he truly wished. Until she lived and breathed just for him.

Until she could die for want of him.

But once—he’d been a man.
Azar hovered at the fringes of the woman’s mind as she slept, feeling something inside his black heart clench painfully.

He loved watching her—had been watching her for years, in human terms. It seemed like only seconds since he’d first seen her though…and yet, at the same time, it felt like he had been watching her, yearning for her, for centuries.

She reminded him of someone. Someone he’d loved…and lost.

Lost to another like himself. Back before he’d become…this.

Her features were gamine, almost elfin, her wide mouth parted on a soft sigh as she dreamed. He wanted to touch her, to lay his hands on her and join her in those dreams, touch her, fuck her, love her.

It had been eons since he’d made love.

Eons since he’d found a woman he truly wanted to love, not just fuck. Somebody who had touched more than just his libido—and maybe made him yearn for what he used to be.

Made him remember love.

Love…it wasn’t something he should be able to remember, much less want.

But then, Azar had never been a good demon.

And that was crux of his problem.

Most demons relished their purpose, lived to cause pain and chaos. Azar, while he may crave the dark desires that came with being demon, he didn’t want them. He didn’t like them—over the past few centuries he had found himself growing more and more bored with even those things he had craved since he’d become what he was.

His ears detected the sudden change in her breathing pattern, the way her heart suddenly started to slam against her chest. Something in her dream had changed. Just as her eyes flew open and she jerked upright in bed, he faded, retreating back to the demon realm below.

And brooding.

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