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Ronal de Amshe knew he would not receive a warm welcome in the realm of the elves, and he got exactly what he had expected. Especially from the daughter of the Elf King.

Caetria disliked him immensely, or so she told herself. But Caet had a lot to learn. About vampires, and becoming the woman she was meant to be. To her horror, the king ordered her to be Ronal’s guide and companion while he remained within their realm. He couldn’t possibly mean…

But it didn’t take long for the elvish princess to warm to the vampire who watched her with intense eyes. Nor did it take very long to fall in love with him…but Fate stands ready to tear them apart.

To overcome the obstacles they face and hold on to the happiness they have found will require a love beyond measure.


Ronal didn’t believe he had ever seen a more reluctant guide in all his life.

Not that she wasn’t…delicious, he couldn’t help but notice that.

She was. Lovely, lithe, with a luminous beauty only seen among the elfkind. Her skin fair glowed, and the flaxen length of her hair was the color of sunbeams and moonlight, all tumbled together.

She met his eyes levelly, and he had to admire that, for he could see her cheeks flushing under his stare. Those purple eyes were the color of gems and they reflected her dislike of him quite clearly.

He wondered…what would they look like fogged by passion?

“My daughter, Caetria. She will be your guide while you visit within the realm,” Matiro was saying to them all.

Well, the Elf King’s daughter. There goes that idea…even if he ever could persuade her to let go of that damned bloody distrust. For a moment, that was all he could think of, as the rest of the king’s words circled meaninglessly in his head.

Finally, the Esri’s word penetrated Ronal’s thoughts. Ronal nodded slowly.

Oftentimes, a leader had their offspring act as a guide. It was a symbol of trust. But then the Elf King’s eyes slid to Ronal’s and he inclined his head, beckoning Ronal over.

Oh, hell. He couldn’t stop the devilish glint that lit his eyes, although he did manage to keep from smiling. Surely he wouldn’t give his daughter to Ronal for a vessel, would he?

He would.

“Caet is to be your companion, as well, Ronal,” Matiro said quietly, lowering his voice, even though all knew what was being discussed. Ronal was, after all, a vampire. And he had left without a retinue, which meant if he wanted to feed, which he did, he had to find a vessel, or feed from animal prey.

“I had planned to hunt the wood, Esri,” Ronal said, shaking his head. Although he’d love a chance to sip from that lovely pale neck, he wasn’t about to take an unwilling female in his arms. Not even for a simple feeding.

“No. I refuse to allow an honored guest to chase after game,” Matiro said flatly, his eyes commanding.

Ronal lifted his chin and replied in a cool, calm voice, “And I refuse to take my sustenance from one who is clearly…unwilling. I’d no more rape a woman than I would feed from a woman who didn’t wish it.”

“Why would any woman wish such a thing?”

The words seemed to come from her before she could stop them, and Ronal couldn’t help but laugh inside as she flushed a lovely shade of red.

Her father cocked a brow and smiled slowly. “Please, tell us, Ronal. Why would any woman wish such?”

A bark of laughter erupted from him, and before he knew it, he was bent double with peals of laughter. “No…no,” he muttered, shaking his head once he could breath. “I will not discuss that in front of a woman and her father.”

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