His Mission

Vax was once committed to his life as a Hunter, tracking down the evil beings who prey on humans, but he opted out of the game long ago. Until now—because somebody, somewhere, is in danger. And, despite his best efforts, Vax can’t ignore his calling?

Her Sacrifice

Jess Warren is determined to find the maniac who killed her sister. A gifted psychic and telekinetic, she will do anything to exact her vengeance. Even if it means putting herself in peril…

Their Insatiable Desire

Jess would rather not accept Vax’s help—especially since letting him have his way could draw her deeper into his irresistibly sensuous realm. But then he saves her life—and they discover that the depraved madman they’ve been looking for is much closer than either of them could have imagined…

Vax reached up and caught a hank of hair in his hand. He held her gaze as he wound the long strands around his wrist. “Yeah, I know. Funny, though, I’m not really that hungry for pizza now.”

Oooo-kay. There was no denying the intent in that statement, or the sleepy, heavy lidded look to his eyes. Even though her hormones were clamoring, her knees were a little weak and she was feeling a whole lot of heat, Jess pressed a hand against his chest. He eased back a little. Regret and misery went pretty well together, she decided. The loss of his heat caused a reaction inside of her that was almost painful. Still, she didn’t lower her hand. “This isn’t a good idea, pal.”

His hand came up, covering hers. She hadn’t noticed it before then, but he wore a simple silver band on the ring finger of his right hand. Then she forgot about the ring as he closed his fingers around her wrist and dragged her hand a little to the left, until it covered his heart. Under her palm, she could feel the quick, steady beat. “Why not? Other than the fact that there’s a pizza boy due here in about forty five minutes. Forty five minutes is plenty of time…for now.” His lids drooped and Jess could feel herself giving in.

Just thinking about the things they could do to each other inside of forty five minutes was enough to make her breathing kick up. He was entirely too sexy, with that thick black hair, that heavy lidded look to his dark gray eyes and that mobile, sensual mouth. Under his stare, she could feel everything inside her going hot and liquid. Her breasts ached, her hands itched to touch him and she was dying to get a taste of him.

Everything inside her was clamoring and for a moment, it left her a little dazed, a little disoriented, even confused until she figured it out. She felt alive. Jess hadn’t felt alive since she had stood over her sister’s lifeless body.

Randi’s face flashed through Jess’s mind. The guilt that followed nearly choked her. Panicked, she shoved her hands against his chest and tore away from him. “I can’t do this.”

A warm hand came up, cupping the back of her neck. She tensed, ready to tear away from him, but he made no move to pull her back against him. All he did was watch her face as he gently massaged her neck. “You feel guilty.”

“I am guilty,” she muttered, her voice rough. “She’s dead. Until I stop the men who did it, how can I even think about something like this?”

Vax laughed softly. He rubbed his hand up and down her back as he responded, “Because you’re human, darling. It’s how we are. The body doesn’t always understand grief or the need for revenge. It just understands living.” His hand slid down her back and cupped over one hip, then his other hand came up, sliding around her waist. He pulled her back against him. She tried to resist but eventually, she leaned back against him. “Feeling something isn’t a betrayal to your sister, Jess. Let me make you feel something…”

He lowered his head and nuzzled her neck. His teeth grazed her neck and then he whispered into her ear, “Feel alive for a few minutes… Just feel.”

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