Books 9 & 10

The long awaited stories of Malachi & Kelsey, Mike & Leandra

In the shades of night, when the evil are free to seduce the weak and indulge their desires, there are still those who will fight to the death for the innocent. They are The Hunters. They are at the heart of a sensuous and strange new world…

Two men. Two women. Paranormal warriors and eternal lovers who keep the undead in line by destroying those who have gone rogue. They serve as Judge, Jury, and Executioner. They are as merciless as their prey. And they are its soul.

But in this strange enclave of midnight retribution, some discover a hunger they’d never imagined, a love that crosses unnatural boundaries, and a blood reckoning with a damnable past that could save the Hunters or destroy them.

“Heaven knows that Malachi does only what he desires. Screw his responsibilities. ”

Tearing his eyes from hers, Malachi shifted his gaze to stare at the ceiling. “You try answering to the Council for as long as I have and then you can speak to me of responsibilities.” Then he grinned wickedly and looked back at her. “And I’d be very careful speaking to me of desires, Kelsey. One of these days, I just might act on the strongest one and you’d end up burning me into a pile of ash. Maybe you should just do it and be done with it, sweet. Save us both.”

Her heartbeat kicked up even more—he could hear it. The scent of her body grew stronger as her flesh heated. Her hair, fiery golden red locks, curled around her shoulders, framing the delicate oval of her face, spilling down over the soft curves of her breasts, and half way down her back. His fingers itched. Malachi wanted to bury his hands in that hair, wind it around his fingers as he tilted her head back and kissed her senseless.

Looking at her, thinking what he was thinking, wasn’t doing a damn thing to cool the fire she caused in him. His cock swelled and began to pound in rhythm with his pulse. The ache spread throughout his body and Mal knew from experience it would last for long after Kelsey had left. It was like a cancer that ate at him, this damned need he had for her.

“It’s time to come back, Malachi.”

Startled out of his daze, Malachi jerked his eyes back to her face. “No, it’s not,” he said slowly.

Her eyes narrowed a little and she lifted her chin mutinously. “You can’t mean to stay away forever.”

Pushing away from the mantle, he strolled over to the couch and dropped down on it. He took his time as he settled down on the couch and stretched out his legs in front of him, crossing them at the ankle. He could feel her watching him—the devil in him had him wondering what she’d say if he told her he’d do anything she wanted, even come back to the Council for as long as they desired.

In exchange for fifteen or twenty minutes with her naked.