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Something strange is happening to Nessa. Ever since she survived a near-death experience she’s not exactly who she used to be—and enjoying every minute of it. Then she’s called upon to go to battle against darkness. If only she could remember why.


Dominic is having his own problems with memory, sanity, and hallucinations. Sent to Excelsior, the covert Hunter training facility, he senses a female presence that seems so hauntingly familiar. That’s because he and Nessa share a forgotten past.


As Nessa and Dominic regain their memories, their strange mission against evil becomes clearer. And all the more dangerous because whether they should trust each other is the still the greatest unknown of all.


“You’re too pretty.”

“Am I?” he asked, a grin tugging at his lips. It was a mouth made for kissing.


She was dreaming. Nessa knew she was dreaming. If she had any sense, she would lie back and just enjoy it.

Well, I already did that. And she had—three, no, four times over.

There was no way any red-blooded, straight woman could lie in bed with this man, dream or no dream, and not enjoy it. Not enjoy him.

His eyes were dark, rich as melted chocolate, framed by thick, curly eyelashes. His skin gleamed a soft, mellow gold. In the sun, she imagined that smooth, sleek skin would deepen to a darker gold.  His hair was black, blacker than onyx, and thick. It had just the slightest curl to it and when she ran her hands through it, the jet strands twined her fingers.

She knew that from experience–she’d spent half the night with her hands buried in his hair.

They hadn’t spent much time standing up, but she guessed he was about 5’10. He had a long, lean build and she sensed strength inside him. Massive strength, but when he touched her, he did it with gentleness. Reverence.

As well a dream lover should, she supposed.

He reached up and traced the line of her mouth with his fingertip. She shivered under that light touch and felt heat flicker through her.  Catching his finger in her mouth, she bit lightly.

Hunger blazed in his eyes.

She felt a response and leaned forward, pressing her lips to his. “Well, if I had to dream you, I must say, it turned out rather well,” she mused.

He laughed against her mouth and asked, “How do you know I’m not the one who dreamed you up?”

“Oh, believe me, I’m the one who is dreaming. There is no man out there pining for me.”

No man waiting. No man longing. No matter what was promised.

I will come back…I will find you again…

“You’re so sad,” he whispered. “Why are you so sad?”

Nessa forced a smile. “Of course I’m not… well, I won’t be for long. That’s why you’re here, isn’t it?”


I will find you.  No matter where you go.  No matter how far.”

With a snort, Nessa looked away from the TV and focused on Mei-Lin’s hair.  The teenager grinned up at her.  “It’s romantic, Nessa.  You can’t snort like that when Daniel Day Lewis is on the screen saying a line like that.”  With a sigh, the girl rested a hand on her heart and gazed the TV with rapt eyes.

The Last of the Mohicans was the girl’s favorite movie.  They watched it usually watched it once a month.

Unless Nessa could see a way out.  Today was Mei-Lin’s seventeenth birthday, though, and she’d wanted to watch the silly film before she went out with some friends.

Weaving the girl’s silky hair into a tight braid, Nessa glanced at the screen.  Spectacular scenery.  Strong, sexy men with big guns, innocent-looking girls with simpering eyes.  Romantic bits like, I will find you.

It struck a knife in her heart.

Although it had been five hundred years, she could still hear Elias’ voice.

I will come back…I will find you again…

Only God Himself could keep me from you, love.

And God Himself had spent the last five centuries doing just that.  Nessa couldn’t watch this damn film without reliving her memories.  A time when she torn away from her husband.

Not by pissed-off Natives, but by death.

By God.

God had taken her lover from her, and God had kept her from joining him.

She was alone, and empty. So empty inside. Not even her dream lover could ease that ache.  At least not for long.

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