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Futuristic Erotic Romance Somewhere far in the future, a young woman dreams…and her dreams too often become reality. She is a touch-empath, psy, and a dreamer—her gifts, and her burdens—living in a world of danger and deceit. Alone and lonely, she dreams of a man who is more than human, a lover who is able to bond with her heart and soul as he loves her body. Caris’ dreams have finally come true, she has gotten what she’s been wishing for. But her dreams become her nightmares when her commanding, fearless lover joins the battle her people have launched against the World Government, and pulls her into it. It is more than Caris can survive.

As far as bloodletting went, it was a satisfying kill. His belly was full. His cock ached, but he’d drive it into Caris that night and…Jax grinned as he ran back down the trail to her home.

The wild game here was scarce. That would be a problem. At least her home was surrounded by forest, that was some help. Life abounded in the mountains in the distance, so vibrant and rich he could taste it from here.

Even there, he could hunt there if he must. His fangs had retracted into their sheaths finally, and the bothersome ache in his jaws had faded away. The wind blew through his hair, caressed the skin of his face, neck and hands.

There was nothing like the feel of life that ran through the body after a feeding. Unless it was the fucking that followed. He grinned. Too bad there were so many people in Caris’ house.

He came to a soundless stop outside her house and cocked his head, listening. A slow smile spread across his face.

The mountain was slowly and scathingly being torn down into small, tiny little rocks, ground into pebbles beneath the sole of Caris’s delicate little foot. He padded on silent feet around the house, following the voices.

They were in the room she called the library, filled with old…books? Yes, books and a machine she called a computer. It was like the nav-screen he used for reading, gaming, and entertainment back home.

“You arrogant, old fashioned, mother-fucking son of a bitching jealous prick! What right do you have to tell me what I can and can’t do? And what right do you have to question who I take to my bed?” she snarled. She stood no taller than Dustin’s breast bone, but she hissed angrily into his face, and hammered his wide chest with her fist. “If I want to fuck every male I see, wherever I see him, it doesn’t concern you, Dustin.”

Dustin, wisely, was silent. His lips, nose and eyes were bruised and swollen.

“Damn your ass to hell and back, Dustin. If you didn’t like it, you could have gone outside. What in the hell were you doing up, anyway? You’ve got a bloody suit. It’s stocked, damn it. You could live happily in those rooms for a month and you came roaming out in the middle of the night and got offended when you heard me getting fucked! What were you expecting?”

“This is my damn house and I can do what I want in it!” she shouted when he made no response.

Dustin blinked, and looked away. His face was red, underneath the colorful bruises. “What in the flying fuck where you thinking? You saw what kind of shape Sage was in yesterday. Were you trying to kill him?” she shouted when he didn’t reply.

“He was feeling good enough to get fucked, wasn’t he?” Dustin muttered. She punched him. Through the window, Jax watched and grinned widely as her powerful little uppercut sent Dustin’s head snapping back. She wasn’t strong enough to knock him off his feet, but she sure as hell hurt him.

“Bastard,” she seethed. “Why don’t you get it? I don’t want you.”

He smiled, then, a sad, odd little smile. He glanced out the window and met Jax’s eyes.

Jax lifted one brow. He had sensed him. How odd.

“You don’t get it, Caris. I do understand—you don’t want me, you never have and never will. But I still want you. And I’m always going to.” He moved away, slowly, stiffly, but not showing any sign of the pain Jax knew he was feeling.

Even through the glass and the distance, he could smell a strong scent of internal bleeding. Oh, he’d be all right, Jax had not done any severe damage. But he was in some bad pain. “I was wrong,” Dustin said quietly. “I knew that then. I know it now. Sage was my friend—I may well have lost that. But nothing is going to change what I feel, Caris.” He paused long enough to add, “We have troubles coming. I know it. If Morgan did not need me here, I’d get the hell out. He’s gonna find a way to see it happen soon anyway.

“If I thought y’all might not need me, then I’d go. But I can’t just walk away from what’s coming, Caris. You couldn’t either.”