One man, one woman, one bizarre dream which would change both of their lives foreve

When a traitor leaves Army Ranger Dylan Kline paralyzed for months, he figures life is just about over. Once more, he’s nobody.

Then a woman from his past comes back into his life and shows him a new purpose. Of course, if he had listened to her months earlier, he may not have been injured in the first place.

Dreams have plagued Kirsten Everess for most of her life.

But she was always too late-they never came in time for her to stop anything. Until the dream about Dylan. Too bad he didn’t listen to her.

Now the couple has another chance at love, but danger is near. Will Dylan listen to Kirsten’s warnings this time?

She’s not going to hang waiting forever.

Nikki’s words were still echoing in his mind as he climbed out of the Blazer hours later, his body pleasantly tired, his lower back stiff but not on fire.

A chance with her? Hell, he wanted more than a chance. He wanted everything and all of it with her. Dylan rarely slept a night when he didn’t dream of her, think of that long, pale body and ache to feel it against him. A single kiss with her, years earlier, had haunted him more than entire nights spent with other women. Hell, that one kiss was more fulfilling than any other encounter—up until last night.

Sometimes he felt like he had spent his entire life just waiting to touch her again.

But touching her wasn’t enough.

He was flat out in love with her, and suspected he had been from the time he had looked into those cool green eyes when she had strolled up to their apartment when he had been all of fifteen years old. Although if anybody had ever told him that he would have snarled at him. Love at first sight was something that belonged in fairy tales, and happy ending wasn’t something he was looking for.

That didn’t mean he didn’t secretly hope for one.

Kris was out on the porch, her laptop on her lap, her long legs up, ankles propped on the railing, crossed neatly. She met his eyes over the distance and colored hotly before lowering her emerald eyes back to the screen.

Raintree glanced up from his perch at the other end of the porch, took one look at Dylan and disappeared with a mischievous grin.

Dylan didn’t even spare him a glance as he studied Kris’ face, as her eyes lifted and met his, a flush rising to her cheeks. He felt his cock swell and his lids drooped. The temperature of his blood seemed to shoot up about thirty degrees and his hands closed into fists. He could hardly think when he got this close to her, just barely able to keep her from seeing what was raging inside him.

You’re good enough for anybody…damn it, he wanted that woman.

And not just for one damn night.

And it wasn’t just her body he wanted. He wanted her. He wanted the stubborn arrogant proud woman that was crazy enough to track down an unknown nineteen-year-old kid from Kentucky and turn her into one of the best selling fantasy writers in the country. He wanted the softhearted woman who stood by his sister as Nikki’s world fell apart around her.

All of her. Dylan wanted all of Kris, from her long deep red hair to the soles of her feet and every smooth, pale inch in between all intricacies of her complicated soul and sweet heart that she hid behind that sophisticated exterior.

He had wanted her since he was a mouthy punk running wild in west Louisville. Her cool smile and appraising green eyes had driven him crazy for years.

He had seen all sorts of emotions in her eyes, everything from approval, to anger, to disdain, and disgust. But he hadn’t ever seen that disgust in her eyes when she looked at him. Usually there was no emotion, just a cool, blank wall of emerald green.


Her taste, the silk of her hair in his hands had haunted him for years. After last night, Dylan knew how she moaned and whimpered as she came, how wet the folds of her sex were under his fingertips while he touched her, and how easily she was primed once he started to touch her.

Sweet hell…


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