I’m looking for people to add to my Writer Wednesday list.  You can read about what it is if you click the link.  Basically, I just ask writers the four questions below.  I started with Lynn Viehl.

If you’re interested, all you need to do is copy the questions below and answer them-INCLUDE THE QUESTIONS PLEASE.

Then email it to me at shilohwalker(at)gmail.com with WRITER WEDNESDAY in the subject line.  I’ll post them on Wednesdays in the order I get them.   Please note… I’ll include a cover and I do link to your blog or site.

However…this isn’t a straight promo op.  I take these in the order I get them and I book up sometimes a few months (or longer) in advance.  Sometimes it goes on hiatus for things I’m doing (or because of life, things like that), so I can’t plan this around your current book or what have you.

Bits like… this writer’s latest is due out…etc, etc, etc…will not be included.  This isn’t a straight promo thing-I’m not including book shout outs and stuff.  I schedule as I receive them and I’ll email the date your post will go up.

Bossy stuff done…still want to do it?  Questions below.


What’s the one thing that remains unchanged during your writing process, from one book to another?  (ie: Intensive plotting?  Music?)




What’s the one piece of advice you’d give a new writer?




What’s the one piece of advice you wish was wiped from the minds of writers everywhere?




What’s the one book you think everybody, writer or not, should read?



**Disclaimer…I do reserve the right to not use material I don’t think is a good fit for my blog. This isn’t likely to happen often, but be that as it may, just because you send it doesn’t guarantee that I’ll use it.