Some of my regular blog visitors notice that I post soldier names from time to time…this names come from a friend Kelley who works with an SOS group out of Ohio.

General notes:

These are generally for when somebody is fairly new to a unit or just not getting a lot of mail. Please keep in mind…a lot of the time, these people are married or have girlfriends. We’re looking to offer support. It’s not a dating service or…uh, more. It’s odd that I have to say this, but I have to say this because more than a few people received letters that were inappropriate, to say the least. From total strangers. I don’t know who sent it, I don’t know the connection happened here via my blog or someplace else and it doesn’t matter. Please…don’t do this.

When you write, if you include an email, they often will write back. 🙂 Again, remember, we’re looking to offer to support and just a connection from back home. They do appreciate it.

Do not repost these things to facebook. They prefer that we not do that. Thank you.

For those posts about mail/cards, etc…

I have been asked before if these are names current and legit-yes, to the best of my knowledge.  As I posted above, Kelley works with an SOS (Support Our Soldiers) unit out of Ohio.   She often gets names directly from people who are stationed overseas.

The first thing generally requested from anybody wishing to contact the men and women is just a letter or card.  Include your email if you feel comfortable, because they often write back.

Many people here stateside then go on to send care packages.  The info below addresses that.

I always get a lot of questions and because I can’t remember anything, I always end up having to ask Kelley repeatedly.

Instead of doing that, I’m just putting together a page and I’ll refer questions to this page.

Kelley’s typical care packages consist of:

  • beef jerky/slim jim’s
  • pudding cups/fruit cups or applesauce
  • rice crispy treats/breakfast bars or poptarts
  • trail mix/sweet and salty/sunflower seeds/peanuts
  • dried fruit/raisins
  • tuna fish/microwave lunches/easy mac/ramon noodles
  • cheezit’s/triscuts/chips/pretzels
  • hard candy/gum/gummi treats
  • cookies/muffins/ho ho’s (everything must be individually wrapped/or vacuum sealed)

What can’t be sent:

  • pork products
  • porn
  • girly magazines
  • alcohol