Due out Monday!

A Kit Colbana World Short Story

This is a short story. It is only a short story.

Doyle. Human. Tiger. Aneiri. Alone.

Always on the outside, even in a clan. Now, as his dominance grows and threatens to spill out in a wave of violence, he might have to choose between staying with the only family he’s ever known, striking out to lead a solitary life or spill blood of those loyal to the clan…and the few he calls family.

follows the events of Haunted Blade and Haunted Magic

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Alt text:

I couldn’t drag my eyes away from Kit.
Slowly, she lifted her head and met my eyes.
“Sorry, Doyle. She made me promise not to tell.”

Just a few more days… as a bonus, there is an excerpt from the next Kit Book at the end of the book!