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“You didn’t bring Donner.”

Meridia rolled her eyes. “He wanted to come. I ordered him to remain at the cape on watch. It wouldn’t have been wise to let him around the Prime in his current mood. Besides, he could use the experience of being in charge for a couple of days—and he needs more practice when it comes to patience. If he came here, he’d just be ready for a fight at a minute’s notice.”

“Donner is frequently ready for a fight.” Zee gave her friend a rueful smile.

“Thus the importance of him learning patience.” Her eyes gleamed. “Not that I’d mind seeing an orca’s strength unleashed against a Prime.”

A little-known fact about Atargarian physiology was that many of the powerful ones, like Donner, who would run his own stretch of territory one day, answerable only to his Prime, had an odd quirk when it came to their two forms. Perhaps it was to balance out the fact that some Atargarians and the water-borne mammalian Therians, unlike those born on land, had no hybrid form. They were either in their human skin or in their water-based form.

The orca, his much larger water form, was an animal of strength and grace. In most Atargarian shifters, when they walked in their human skin, they were considerably stronger than humans, but nothing remotely close to their physical forms.

That wasn’t the case with powerful ones like Donner or Felipe. It was like the strength of their water forms somehow condensed and transferred over to the physical forms.

Neither were quite as strong as their water forms, but it was unlikely any Therian creature alive would match their strength.

The playing field would only be determined by endurance, the ability to take pain, the better strategist… and of course, sheer dominance.

In the end, Donner could never win against a Prime because he’d never be a Prime.

But he could sure as hell make Niko, or any other Prime, hurt more than they’d ever imagined.

Surprisingly, though, the thought didn’t bring Zee any pleasure.

“No,” she said, softly brushing her fingers down Meridia’s arm. “I don’t want that.”

“No?” Meridia’s voice was cool.

She met her friend’s gaze with a level one of her own. “No.”

Meridia narrowed her jewel-bright eyes, then, unexpectedly, she laughed. “I always knew things between you two were unfinished. Make him crawl, darling. It’s the least he owes you.”

“I don’t want any man crawling before me,” she muttered, uncomfortable with the idea.

“Any man who would isn’t worthy of you. But a Prime who treated you the way he did… well, there are other things a man can do on his knees to plead his case.”