For Your Black Friday Weekend Viewing Pleasure

I did some Christmas shopping over the weekend and found some funny things on Amazon and thought I’d share.  Maybe you’ll find something fun to buy somebody. 😉

Cyber Monday

Drunk Stoned or Stupid

Bunk Bed For FIdo

Bunk Bed For Fido


Who Doesn’t Want To Be A Unicorn


Maybe It Is Me But I Think It Is Creepy

drunk unicorn

Speaking of Unicorns


In Case You Need Pointers


For The Writer In Your Life

Cyber Monday

How to Disembowel Teddy Bears 101

Cyber Monday

On Humiliating Cats

In Case The Purse Was Not Geeky Enough


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  1. I have the unicorn wine holder and LOVE it ….mastly because it makes me smile every time I see it ❤️

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