For those who might have lost my books at ARe

I’ve had a few readers contact me about books they lost when ARe abruptly shuttered. Some were able to download their libaries in time, while others weren’t.

One asked if I’d be willing to do a sale of my titles so readers who lost their titles could maybe rebuild their libraries.  While I have no control over the titles contracted through my pubs, I’m happy to do this with the titles I’ve independently released.

So… look below for the book and the corresponding coupon code.  All books are marked 50% off, unless it’s already priced at 0.99.

The books are at Smashwords, a distribution site similar to ARe in that which you can pick your preferred format, etc.  Make sure you use the coupon code! If you don’t see a title, it might be that the title is already priced at free or at 0.99.

Her Best Friend’s Lover

Code: MP86P

The Hunters: Eli & Sarel

Code: MP86P

The Hunters Byron & Kit

Code: MT26J

Shadowed Blade

Code: JP58N

Edged Blade: The Colbana Files



Code: MF62G

The Hunters Jonathan and Lori

Code: AA67G

The Virgin’s Night Out

Code: QP25J

Broken Blade

Code: MD49V

The Hunters Series: Boxed Set Books 1-5

Code: FT93E

You Own Me

Code: CU29M

The Hunters Book 6: Rafe & Sheila

Code: UL43R

The Hunters: I’ll Be Hunting You

Code: CX56Q

Wicked Wild Fantasies

Code: UY79Y

Wicked Wild Fantasies

Code: UY79Y

Never As It Seems

Code:  EL46Y

Belonging: A Hunters World Novella

Code: ZS29J

F*ck Club: Riley

Your coupon code is CR33Z

Whew…. I think that’s it.  If there are more, leave me a note in comments and I’ll get to it later.