The Virgin’s Night Out

So… a project I finished up over Christmas.

A contemporary novella.

Also, if things go well, I’m planning on having it in a print combo with YOU OWN ME in time for the Wicked Books weekend in Florida in February…  might even be in print before it’s in ebook. Might.


It was erotic as hell, Boone thought, watching as she drove her fist into the man’s face.  He’d already been on his way to intervene—as had two others in the bar—but she had handled it on her own.

Still, when the man staggered after her, Boone caught him, drove a vicious punch into his gut and when he doubled over, he hammered a blow to the back of his head—checking it to make sure he didn’t do any real harm.

Looking up, he caught the bartender’s eye.

The bartender looked at him, then back at the woman and shook his head.  “I’ll get that taken care of,” he said, his eyes flicking to the man lying facedown on the floor.

As he called out to a couple of the men near the bar, Boone went to nod at the woman.  Forget the beer.  Forget trying to relax.  He’d just go—

“Thank you.”

She was right there.  Inches away.  Long hair, nearly to her waist, hung free, straight as rain.  Her eyes were wide, still glinting with temper, but a smile tugged at the corner of her mouth.

“I think you had him handled for the most part.”

“Yeah, but…” She looked down at her hand.

He saw the scraped, swollen knuckles and all but swallowed his tongue as she looked away, the long, dark sweep of her hair falling over one shoulder as she stared at the ground.

“Hitting hurts,” she said, her voice absent.

“Yeah. Put some ice on it.”  She was still staring at the ground and he found himself staring at her back, long and elegant and pale.  Everything about her seemed long and elegant.  Strong, too, and his blood started to burn hotter as she went to step into a pair of heels.

The muscles in her calves flexed as she straightened and then looked back at him.  Just what in the hell was it about a simple pair of shoes that changed almost everything about a female, from the way they stood to the way they walked?

He could almost feel his brain cells dying as she continued to stand there, watching him.  Misty green eyes held his without a hint of flirtation or pretense and that was unnerving as hell.

Okay. Time to go. He nodded at her, words completely failing him.

“Can I buy you a drink?”

It’s not up for pre-order or anything…still wrapping things up, but it’s coming. 🙂