Friday 56

Eli and Sarel 2011So, who is all at RT this week and which of you are living vicariously through the tweets and Facebook posts? I fall into the latter category. I love New Orleans and I hate that I’m missing out on so much fun and a wonderful city.  But, don’t fret if you’re like me and had to stay home; we can still have fun, right?  We’ve made it to Friday…and it’s time for some Friday 56.  Grab your closest book and flip to page 56 and give me the 5th full sentence.   This week, I’m going to go back a bit and I have one of Shiloh’s older novels, The Hunters: Eli and Sarel, and it’s a steamy one ;)!


Lifting his head, he asked, “No panties, darling?”


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4 Replies to “Friday 56”

  1. “No, you’re not!’ another voice chimed in. KILLER FROST by Jennifer Estep.

  2. “Except an insane part of her continued to fight her conscious mind, continued to see him as safe and as off-limits to the single devastating weapon she had in her arsenal.” Heart of Obsidian by Nalini Singh

  3. “Except when you’re dreaming about me.”

    Tribute by Nora Roberts.

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