Are you keeping up?

🙂 I’m in a couple of places… with prizes for two releases?

For Broken Blade… I’ve been here…

Fab Fantasy Fiction 1/6/2014 Interview
Queen of All She Reads 1/7/2014 Spotlight
LITERAL ADDICTION 1/8/2014 Spotlight
Wicked Readings by Tawania 1/9/2014 Spotlight
Blogging by Liza 1/10/2014 Spotlight
Lia Davis 1/13/2014 Interview

And if you win, you get Damon. Well, sorta.  I’m ‘adopted’ a clouded leopard and I give it to the winner, along with a stuffed leopard. And a bracelet that kinda represents Kit, in my mind.




And then I’m here… for Beautiful Scars…more stops coming, too!


Wicked Readings by Tawania 1/7/2014
Fab Fantasy Fiction 1/8/2014
The Reading Addict 1/9/2014
Reviews by Crystal 1/13/2014

And there’s a giveaway for that one, too.  More stops coming!