Kindle books


So I noticed yesterday that the ‘price set by publisher’ thing seems to be disappearing from Amazon. And the prices on a lot of my ebooks has been slowly dropping.

These are just some of the prices I’ve noticed, but they are anywhere from 15% or more off the set price.

The Protected $7.99

Wrecked $6.83

Stolen $6.83

The Missing $6.83

If You Hear Her $5.59

If You See Her $6.83

If You Know Her $6.83

Fragile $5.99

Hot Spell $5.99

The Reunited $8.89

Broken $11.04

Chains $10.83

Hunters: Heart and Soul: $10.83

Hunting The Hunter $5.98

To me, it looks like my newer books and my more popular books are getting the bigger discounts.

Hunting the Hunter was the ‘first’ Hunter book when I branched off from EC and started focusing more on a PNR world instead of the erotic paranormal, so if you’ve been curious about trying some of my other books, that might be one try.

Wrecked, Fragile, Chains, Broken, and the Ash Books (starting with If You Hear Her) are the ones I get the most feedback on.

I don’t see the prices reflected elsewhere, and please don’t snarl or growl at me.  This is nothing I have control over.

However…maybe because it’s a new release, the price for The Protected is lower at other places than my new releases sometimes are.  The cover price is $15.00 but it’s $9.99 at iBooks, Kobo and BN.