Help a girl out… Kit!

To the death!  Well, no. Not really.

But she’s in a character battle, up against Cassandra Clare. Color me astounded… O.O

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here… snippet!

“I know.”  Damon guided my blade to his chest, his grip relentless. “Bloody me. I’d feel better for it. And if it would do something to take that fear away…” A muscle pulsed in his jaw and he was standing close enough, I could hear the thunderous sound of his heart, racing far too fast. I didn’t have ears as sensitive as his—if he’d been standing any farther away, I couldn’t have heard it. As it was, though, the roar of blood in my ears, the racing of his heart, the adrenaline crashing inside me and the torment I saw on his face…the torment I felt in me…it was too much.  “********s not the only one who owes you blood, baby girl.”

Once more, I tried to twist out of his grip. “Damn it, let go.”

Swearing, he dropped my wrist. I put the knife away and darted toward the door.

He slammed it shut before I managed to get it open an inch.


“Don’t, okay?”  I leaned my brow against the wood and closed my eyes. “I need to get out of here. I need to breathe. I need to…”

His fingers brushed across my shoulder and he pressed his head to the back of mine. “I miss you.”


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  1. Voted!!! Go Kit! And thanks for the snippet, cannot wait for this release!!!!

  2. Voted. Thanks for the snippet. Have release day starred on my calendar.

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