25 signs you are a writer


In response to this…um…I don’t even know what to call it.  But… yeah.  It’s in response to this …whatever this drivel is… his 25 signs of being a writer.

  1. You write.
  2. You write a lot.
  3. You read.
  4. You read a lot.
  5. You write…and you delete.
  6. You write…and probably think you suck.
  7. You read…and think…why didn’t I think of that?
  8. You buy more books than you’ll ever read…because you love books.
  9. You have a pretty extensive vocabulary, because you’re frequently reading those books…and you know what is in those books? WORDS, dude!
  10. You keep a notebook or something handy because you’ve been in that position where you had an awesome idea…and when you didn’t have a piece of paper handy…you lost the idea.
  11. When you were in school, you probably read. A lot.  Maybe you had friends who didn’t. Maybe you did. And hey, that’s okay.
  12. Maybe you have friends who read a lot now…maybe you don’t. And that’s cool, too.
  13. You know that the idea of staying at home in your pajamas and watching Revenge might sound cool, but you also know that doesn’t get stories told. Writing a lot gets stories told.
  14. You just might have a stationery obsession.  It’s okay.  A lot of writers do.  But that doesn’t mean we all do.
  15. You might not be all that concerned or impressed with the idea of somebody majoring in English or Poetry.  We can all think of plenty of writers who didn’t major in those fields and went on to do just fine.
  16. You hear the words I’m on a deadline…um, do we really go around saying this to ourselves?  I think we just look at the calendar and think, crap…February 1 is almost here.  The book is due!
  17. You think, like any of your friends who’ve gotten tattoos, that you want to get one…so you find one that’s meaningful to you. If you’re a writer and it’s words…or quills…(yes, that is mine), then it makes sense to get a literary type tattoo. If you’re a comic geek?  Comics!  Star Wars geek? Yoda! Vader!  Makes sense!
    image from Tattoo Charlie's
    image from Tattoo Charlie’s facebook.


  18. You write.
  19. You write a lot.
  20. You read.
  21. You read a lot.
  22. You write…and you delete.
  23. You write…and probably think you suck.
  24. You buy more books than you’ll ever read…because you love books.
  25. I’m on a deadline…crap…February 1 is almost here.  The book is due!

Mostly tongue in cheek, but not entirely because the overly, I am impressed with myself, my vocabulary, etc, etc…list just seemed to scream for another list.

So there’s mine. I could sum it one better, though.

  1. You write. A lot.

Because really, if you’re a writer, you know that being a writer boils down to one thing.


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