Saturday Snippets…from Night Blade

This is from NIGHT BLADE…

“Don’t go getting all carried away.  We wouldn’t know normal if it bet it.  But it might be nice to have something…well, nice.”

“Yeah.”  Sleep was actually closer than I thought, I realized, but I forced my eyes opened, stared outside.  “Nice… what’s nice and normal.”

“Christmas…you ever do Christmas, Kit?” His hand stroked my nape.

I snorted.  “Hell, no.  The aunts and Grandmother celebrated the solstice and I’d helped in the house, but I don’t think that’s the same as doing Christmas.”  I rolled my head to peer up at him through my lashes.  “What about you?”

“Yeah.”  He stroked a finger along my cheek.  “Me and the kid always did it, just me and him.  Will be different this year, but…”  His hand slid into my hair and tangled.  “You’re going to do Christmas this year.  With me.”

I lifted up a little to look at him.  “I am, huh?”

“Yeah.”  He lifted up onto one elbow and pressed his mouth to mine. “Nice, normal…it doesn’t get much more nice and normal than that.”

Christmas, huh? I lay my head back on his chest, smiling a little.  “We going to get a tree?”

“Damn straight…a tree.  I’ll buy you presents.  You can buy something, too.  I think something red and slinky, like all those lingerie things you look at and never buy.”


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