Saturday Snippets….from Night Blade

This is from the Colbana Files, Book 2, Night Blade… the theme is…Every Breath You Take… alphas, villains…something to take your breath away, hmmm.

Okay.  Here we go.

I should have taken Chang up on his offer.

My gut knotted in nasty little tangles as I turned into my parking lot.

The light shone down on Damon’s Charger and I looked down at my phone, tried to figure out just why his home number still dialing me–

Shit. He’d programmed it. Set a trap for me, like the cagey cat he was.

Fear knocked hard against my belly as I glanced around.

Justin hadn’t called back and that just wasn’t right. Had they discovered the death of Marlowe? Immediately, I wanted to kick myself. Of course they had. Justin had already been trying to track Damon down. Damn it.

Who could have seen him out there? Other than Xavier, we hadn’t seen anybody and Xavier wasn’t going to be doing any talking.

Fear danced a wild song in my head but I shoved it down. If I faced him like this, it was all done. He’d know something was wrong and it would only be worse if I couldn’t tell him.

Parking the car, I snagged the bag and caught my blade. Everything else , I left. Hooking the strap of my bag across my torso, I started across the pavement to Damon, but I hadn’t even taken two steps before he was there, closing the rest of the distance with eerie, feline speed that left my head spinning.

“Damon, I–”

His mouth crushed mine.

And for the second time that day, all the oxygen was sucked out of the world.

But this time, it wasn’t a battle that caused it, unless you counted the way his tongue tangled with mine, the way his hands streaked across my back, jerking my shirt up and splaying across bare skin.

Thirty, wonderful seconds and then it ended as he jerked away and glared down at me. “What in the fuck, Kit–”

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